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Word-to-Card Contest (February 2019)


GAH! @alplod, you distracted me from being able to cheat! Now halcyon98 wins second place, and I get third…


Congratulations to this month’s winners!

1ST PLACE – @excogitator


2ND PLACE – @halcyon98

3RD PLACE (but clearly the best) – @anjosustrakr


@excogitator, send me a PM with the word you choose for next month’s competition.

And as for your prizes… YOU’LL NEVER GET THEM! HAHAHA!

Hey, wait a minute, that means I won’t get my three orbs… I’d better keep spamming stormshade until something happens.


Thanks for the votes, everyone. :sirpenti:


Something happened… though @stormshade played no part in it. @boronian came down from the sky and saved us all!

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