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Word-to-Card Contest (February 2019) [VOTE!]


Oh shit, it should be minions :sweat_smile:. Was playing Shadowverse, whose minions are called followers, and i got kinda sidetracked


You expect me to believe that?




Were you playing Mid Shadow? :eyes:


Word: Lethargy

Edit: adding some potential uses since those may not be too obvious: the most important one is for Kara where your buffed up minions get free hits (to the amount their attack is buffed) to the unbuffed enemy minions and general. It also protects itself and all other friendly thingies on the enemy’s turn (so Faie and Ilena can use it for stalling purposes), while him and his effect are removable by all hard removal making the card not too op. Combos with Polarity for a tempo play on 7 mana. Memeton could use him to protect its tokens and adding more burst post-trial (also provides a token building by itself).


Yes, also a bit of my Lind Dragon, Mysteria rune and some weird roach list


it’s like playing tag


A different type of Bargain…

The Bargain bin works like a shared deck of 1 card that both players can replace into. If you play bargain bin while bargain bin is already active, you put another card in there, and now the shared replace pool has 2 (or more) cards in it.



Songhai, while not a faction known for its lethargic minions, has a surprisingly robust arsenal of potential targets: Flamewreath, Eternity Painter, Bakezori, Onyx Jaguar, Grandmaster Zendo, and the list goes on. Although this card would be more compatible with factions such as Vetruvian or Vanar, I ended up choosing Songhai because I thought it would open up a lot of interesting deckbuilding directions.


Suddenly winning vaath matchup


Well, well. It’s that time already. Rather than making a new post, I’ll just put the poll here. You’ll have to scroll up to read all the entries, but you would have to anyway, so whatever. Also, please do not vote for a card that does not fit in with a word of the month, even if you really like its design. And please do not vote for your own card!

  • Thirsty Mosquito (heh heh they’ll never notice)
  • Usurious Warden
  • Blood Thrall
  • Living Parasite Nest
  • Idle Avatar
  • Bloodmoon Incubus
  • Slave Merchant
  • Blood Rites
  • Dormant Tytanodon
  • Pyrrhic Blade
  • Lion’s Will
  • Eternal Emissary
  • Virulent Wasp
  • Bitter Harvester
  • Feast of Flesh
  • Bargain Bin
  • Tranquill Manifestation

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P.S. @stormshade, I’m sorry to keep bothering you, but it seems that you only read posts that you are mentioned in. Could I please have some codes for this month’s contest (and maybe for a couple months in advance?). Without prizes, the last surviving contest on the Forums will most likely perish!

[Conspiracy] Q4 Was Stolen By Aliens

MAKANTOR JESUS, I forgot the timer on the poll again!

Well, I’ll close it sometime on the 22nd. Though I cannot guarantee this:


EDIT: I also forgot to let you choose two cards on the poll! IMBECILE!

[Conspiracy] Q4 Was Stolen By Aliens

@adahuys I just really like your cards. :joy:

@everyone, I promise that adahuys is not an alt account I use to give myself orbs… but why should you trust me? :thinking:

[Conspiracy] Q4 Was Stolen By Aliens

Its all fun and games until you realize the synergy with malicious wisp


Three days left to vote, folks!