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Word-to-Card Contest (February 2019) [VOTE!]


um, ephemeral shroud breaks this card. i think.


I had it the other way around though: yes the human like are female, but my incubus is a demon.
Maybe I didn’t choose an appropriate picture.


i see. that is a great card. would it take the attack from all friendly minions? that would be evil with variax on lilithe


It steals exactly 1 attack from every friendly minion when you cast the BBS. Sort of a slower Soul Grimwar, but without weakness to ping, and you’d get to keep a defanged swarm for whatever further evil scheme.


does it? 5/5 for two cards and 3 mana is hardly above par of what many other factions can throw out. The bigger show is likely lightbender + emp, giving an extra 5/5 for playing 1 mana under curve. Even then, it’s risky to run.





What great value! EKS DEE


Amazing! But shouldn’t it be “Your General is DOOMED and will die after three turns.”?
That way it would be DOOM support XD




But wait, there’s no OG so when this is dispelled or removed the effect goes away…? :sweat:

(Also, get rekt by Cadence hehe)


Hmm meant for it to be undispellable. Guess I should make it opening gambit, doom, etc


Since you will constantly “Lose the game in 3 turns,” you will never actually lose from its effect (because the end-times will always be 3 turns away). At the moment it’s just a 2 mana 12/12. I suggest you fix that…



You wanna draw some cards? Wait for the Emissary to gather enough information for you from other fractions, then he might be willing to give you some cards.

This card fixes the lack of a good 3-drop problem for Vetruvian with a high statted body, and while you may not be able to draw cards immediately, if the Emissary dies, you’ll get some. Note that you can still replace cards as normal.


Why does it say “to fill your action bar”? If it dies instantly you’ll only draw 1 card.


Portal guardian would like a word


Of course, you draw only one card after it dies instantly. The “to fill your action bar” is to prevent overdrawing cards, because that’s not my intention to let a poor Emissary burn all cards and important information. You can only draw up to 6 with the Emissary.

Oh wait… let me edit my card asap.


Oh, I see. That makes sense.

Why? I mean, the wording could be slightly improved, but we don’t have the old judging system anymore, so if it’s understandable it’s good enough.


Just a sudden boost of energy to try my best and fix something only to see somebody’s satisfied with my product. :blush:


Faction is Neutral. And wording is completely intentional.
Edit: Almost forgot, that the word of the month for this card is, as you guessed it, PARASITE


Cool idea, but “followers”?