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Word-to-Card Contest (December 2019)

Did you think it wouldn’t come? no, actually no one noticed, nor cared. shut up, inner voice. If so, you thought wrong! Just as one can’t stop Christmas from coming, the Word-to-Card Contest is also inevitable! so was Thanos, and he died anyway. silence, fool! Good denizens of the Forums, get ready for the 15th monthly Word-to-Card Contest! Design a cool card around one of the following words in an attempt to win glory and other nonphysical prizes (a.k.a. Spirit Orbs)!

  • :smile: (chosen by reignzu, albeit without their knowledge… I kinda forgot to ask for a word, but this was the last “word” reignzu sent me in response to the congratulating PM, so… uh… I guess I just decided to roll way too far with it, as you shall soon™ see…)
  • :santa:
  • :sirpenti:

:crossed_swords: BONUS CHALLENGE :crossed_swords:

TRIAL: Include one or more emoji as part of your card’s ability text (you MUST provide the decoded version of the ability text in your post, or else!).

DESTINY: If your card is tied with other designs when the voting stage ends, your card gets an extra entry into the discobot tiebreaker.

  • Design a card that relates to the word of the month that you choose in any way
  • You may only submit one card
  • Submit your card in one of the two acceptable formats
  • If using the visual format and you choose art from a different faction than what you want your card to be, make sure to specify your card’s faction
  • Don’t copy cards other people have posted or cards from other card games
  • When voting for a card, do not choose your own design

Submission Format

Make a card on this website and upload it here (recommended), or (if you are planning on changing your card often before the deadline) use this format:

Name (Cost)
Faction Type [Attack/Health] (Rarity)


Praise the Sun! (5)
Lyonar Spell (Legendary)
If this is the third time you praised the sun this game, restore your General to full health.

OR (this way looks way better)


1st place: 5 Core Orbs, get to decide one of next month’s words

2nd place: 4 Core Orbs

3rd place: 3 Core Orbs

Important Dates

December 15 – Submissions close, community voting begins

December 22 – Community voting ends, winners are honored and sent their prizes

GLHF! :snowflake::snowchaser::snowflake:

  • :hairage:
  • :magdown:
  • :facepalm:
  • :magsad:
  • :abysspls:
  • :vankiss:
  • :lyogiggle:
  • :mysticup:
  • :sweat:
  • :vetwut:
  • :sirpenti:
  • :snowchaser:

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My bad, i also forgot.
Personally i would change the example image’s texts to :

“If you use 5 different emojis this turn, deal 5 damage to enemy General. If they mute you, you win.”

with Phoenix Fire image…


Simple confirmation:
Bagoum’s custom card builder indeed seems to support emojis without an issue.


Good lord.


My entry for :santa:

Both Generals equip one random artifact from the other faction.

I now think there should be mandatory emojis on every card.


I love it!

I totally agree. It would clear up the wording.


Beautiful! Saves so much space on the card.


You made me laugh in a library.


Should we have another thread for people to redo existing cards with emojis?


I don’t know, should we?

  • I don’t like commitment
  • How about… no

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I do not understand how to add emoji’s to cards


Neither do I. In fact, I didn’t even think it was possible. :joy:

Ask @bepoest.


@anjosustrakr You’re just the king of con men. :smiley:

Well I just google “Dice emoji”, get some search results with dice in them, and I copy paste the dice character into the Bagoum custom card text field… And that’s as simple as that for me.
If you can’t do that, or if you get “tofu” chararcter instead (□), then it probably means that you don’t have an emoji-aware font installed. You may then try to install the Google “Noto” emoji fonts


You’re gonna have to walk me through this Noto thing.
Hold on, I think I figured it out

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I give up, this is too hard.

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:snowflake:Vanar :snowflake:

Rush Gain +2/+2 for each stunned minion or General on the battlefield.

:mountain_snow: :mountain_snow: :mountain_snow: :mountain_snow: :mountain_snow: :mountain_snow: :mountain_snow: :mountain_snow: :mountain_snow: :mountain_snow: :mountain_snow: :mountain_snow: :mountain_snow: :mountain_snow: :mountain_snow: :mountain_snow: :mountain_snow: :mountain_snow: :mountain_snow: :mountain_snow: :mountain_snow: :mountain_snow: :mountain_snow: :mountain_snow:


PM me your text and I will PM you the card for you to post. I really owe you that since last month’s steal with Discobot. :zipper_mouth_face:


Maybe it should be phrased: “Opening Gambit: Gain +2/+2 for each stunned minion or General on the battlefield” because it’s unclear wether you intended to make the buff like abyssal juggernaut buff or not

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For :sirpenti:



You just have to use the html for it in the text. It’s in the format: &#<decimal code>;

They can be used in the name and tribe also:

For instance to do this in Name I used “Azurite &#129409;” in the name field. It seems the hex codes don’t work, just use the decimal codes.

You can find codes here https://www.w3schools.com/charsets/ref_emoji.asp