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Word-to-Card Contest (December 2018)


Welcome, one and all, to the third monthly Word-to-Card Contest! The rules are simple: I give you a word, and you design a card that relates to that word!

This month’s word is: DELUSION

  • Design a card that relates to the word of the month in any way
  • You may only submit one card
  • Submit your card in one of the two acceptable formats
  • Try to choose the most relevant piece of Duelyst art for your card (if you are using the visual format), but don’t worry – that is not judged
  • Don’t make an obviously overpowered or underpowered card
  • Don’t copy cards other people have posted or cards from other card games
  • You can’t make up your own keywords (there is no need for a single card), but you can invent special tiles and tokens
  • Jury members cannot submit cards for the competition (unless they explicitly say that they are a jury member so other jury members know not to nominate them) or vote for the top 10
  • This thread is ONLY for card submissions; discuss cards on one of the two custom card threads

Submission Format

Make a card on this website and upload it here (recommended), or (if you are planning on changing your card often before the deadline) use this format:

Name (Cost)
Faction Type [Attack/Health] (Rarity)


Praise the Sun! (5)
Lyonar Spell (Legendary)
If this is the third time you praised the sun this game, restore your General to full health.

OR (this way looks way better)


Every month there will be three different jury members who will look through every submitted card and choose three of them to nominate. I will nominate one card as well. These top ten cards will be put into a poll for the community to vote on. Here is how the jury members and I will evaluate cards:

Formality (5 points): Is the wording of the card up to Duelyst standards (the way the majority of cards are written, ignoring aberrations such as “pull some things to this” and “a cub joins the pack”)? Can you clearly understand how the card works?

Flavor (10 points): How well does the card relate to the word of the month? Do the name and rarity seem fitting for the card’s abilities?

Balance (15 points): How fair would the card be in the current meta?

Originality (20 points): How unique are the card’s name and abilities?


1st place: 5 Core Orbs, place in the jury next month

2nd place: 4 Core Orbs, place in the jury next month

3rd place: 3 Core Orbs, place in the jury next month

This Month’s Jury

  1. @victorious23
  2. @alplod
  3. @bostwick

Important Dates

December 15 – Submissions close (jury members cannot nominate cards posted after the 14th), jury nominations begin

December 22 – Jury nominations end (any jury member who is laggardly will be removed from office at this point and I shall take over his/her nominations), public voting begins

December 31 – Public voting ends, winners are honored and sent their prizes

GLHF! :mysticup:



<Insert thunderbomb joke




Delusion of Update (8)
Abyssian [0/1] (Legendary)



“Think of all the unnecessary lives that you have sent to their demise just to fuel your selfish desire and greed, Rasha. Think of their resentment and loathing for you and allow me to delude you and your army’s reality with their hatred.”


“The Land of the Sun believes that Ychor, the divine blood of solar might allows one to channel the divine energy of the sun to blind all with its sacred light. Surviving rumours of days past say that when it reveals its light mysterious transformations happen. Light becomes dark, and fire becomes ice.”
Note: The OG happens after the mirage effect, hiding all your minions. The mirage effect hides buffs, keywords, Health, Attack and everything else with the exception of Provoke showing when an enemy is adjacent. I created this as a tech/control without any synergy, so in-game wise it’s probably impossible to be Lyonar. But I just adore the Sun-blind gimmicks.
Interaction note: Magmar removal, Zen’Rui and Grapnel read your real minion’s damage instead of the mirage. Dispels on affected minions don’t dispel the mirage, but dispel any buffs and/or abilities of the minion itself (just like a Destiny effect).


“When victory draws near be sure not to falter at the last step…”

[Poll] Polls <15 chars>


  • Display effect only, the actual health is still counted internally.
  • The effect lasts until the end of the game
  • It affects the health display on both players’ screens



Don’t nominate me, obviously.


The Sentinel conditions are: Minion summoned, Spell cast, General attacks.



1 week remaining for submissions! We need some more delusions in here!


Are you people delusional?! Do you not want orbs?


Yeah, I’m quite surprised. There’s barely enough entries for jury evaluations.


@halcyon98, have you no idea for this contest?


Ok, real submission

Fogged means, that they do not see what kind of tile it is, mousing over doesnt reveal anything.
I dont really understand the word delusion so this is my attempt