Woo, first time S rank, here's the deck list :D


Yes, I know there are only 38 cards, that’s because I simply can’t settle on the last two slots. I began running two L’kian, but found her too slow. Swapped her for Keeper of the vale, but despite providing excellent value most of the time, I also found her too slow, as well as being somewhat unreliable. Tried Grincher, the weapon is nice, and you can mulligan it for card draw but he just wasn’t cutting it. Currently I’m experimenting with Grovekeeper and Zurael but haven’t played enough games to form a opinion on them. Seriously, at this point I would run a 38 card deck if I could >_>

So, quick breakdown:

Flash reincarnation is super important for the tempo it provides. A flashed Sunsteel/Zen’rui can straight up win games, not even exaggerating.
The deck only runs 6 two-drops and 3 three-drops and can get away with it because of flash reincarnation. Gro is amazing to put pressure on the opponent early/bait out removal and young silithar is excellent for securing mana tiles.
I teched in Skorn because I was having some trouble with Reva/Wall Faei. Overall a super flexible card that can allow your general to trade into their two-drop, cancel out Reva/Lilith’s BBS, shut down pyromancers or kill gravity wells/snowchasers/bloodtears.
Thumping wave is a amazing removal that gets around Ayamara/Klaxon/Vorpal reaver dying wish and can also act as a burst finisher.
Taygete is still amazing even after the nerfs, not much explanation needed.
Put in two earth spheres to improve the Reva matchup as I found myself dying too quickly before I could stabilize.
Eggmorph, more removal, gets around dying wish and can combo with Zen’Rui on 9 mana (7 with flash).
Sunsteel defender has great synergy with flash reincarnation and is amazing for contesting the board. If the opponent doesn’t answer it he will just keep killing anything they put down.
Three Inquisitor Kron because he’s absolutely ridiculous and every deck that isn’t rush or combo should run three copies of him.
I was surprised just how good Zen’Rui turned out to be. He doesn’t do much against Argon or vetruvian but he’s absolutely huge against songhai if you can steal their foxes or abyssian and Kelaino (seriously, Vaath backed up by Kelaino is freaking broken, just go full man mode and smash everything, you simply can’t die).
Makantor does not need any explanation. Run three.
Mandrake is the big finisher of the deck. You will mulligan them away for the first five turns, then you drop one or two down turn 6-7 next to a Kron/Makantor and overwhelm your opponent with sheer mass.

I’ve thought about fitting in card draw of some kind but usually the deck wins just as you’re running out of cards, or you lose before card draw even becomes an issue. As long as you don’t burn too many flashes you should be good to go.

Anyway, that’s the deck I’m using, feel free to share thoughts/suggestions (still trying to figure out what to put into those last two slots xD)


Can you confirm that the egg then spawns immediately at start of opponents turn? If so, a more expensive dominate will (plus 4-3 body)


it does
(hm, it doesn’t feel intentional to work that way. Would this count as bug abuse? ._.)


Nope all eggs behave like this. And not really OP either, 9 mana and two cards/7 mana 3 cards. Would have to be an amazing enemy minion to be worth it.


Sounds kind of risky to run a midrange deck with only six 2 drops and no dispel in the current meta. But shit man, if it works it works I guess :watermelon:

Did you consider running hollows as your last 2 cards? I really want to know how they fare in the current meta but I can’t try them out for myself due to not having them.


Cool deck.

I’m no Magmar expert by any means, but any deck with 3 Skorn and 3 Flashes in it makes me think “Amplification”.


Flash reincarnation allows me to play sunsteel defender on turn one when going first, or Kron T1 when going second, it works out surprisingly often. Can also flash out Zen’Rui T2 when going first to steal their T1 play.

Currently running 1 copy of grovekeerp (don’t have another) just to counter all the Krons, but haven’t had time to test him enough.


I really dislike buff cards in this game (unless they are used as a finisher) due to how easy they are to counter with dispel (which everyone and their mother is running). In hearthstone buffs are really good since minions get to keep any health that would not exceed their max health that would still be left after getting silenced (sorry I have no proper way to word that, I know, hearthstone mechanics are a mess) and in MTG damage is removed from minions at the end of turn so buffing minions to survive a trade actually feels meaningful in those games.
In duelyst, if your stuff gets dispelled it just dies, and then you’re caught with your pants down because you stacked your resources onto one concentrated point.


Thanks for the write up. Seems like a reliable deck!

Just some personal thoughts on the final 2 slots:

Kujata - Synergy: Earth Sister, Sunsteel, big minions. Pro: cheap minions & dispel target. Con: Dies easy.
Natural selection - Pro: Early Removal. Con: could be a dead card?
Moloki Huntress - Synergy: Gro Pro: grow faster, dispel target, snowballs quick. Con: None?
Twin Fang - Synergy: Skorn. Con: 11 spells already.
Plasma Storm - Pro: Board wipe. Con: Costly(ish)
Metamorphosis - Pro: Board wipe. Con: Costly
Ephemeral Shroud - Pro: obvious. Con: dies easy
Healing Mystic - Pro: obvious. Con: None?
Primus Fist - Synergy: Makantor. Pro: obvious. Con: None?
Repulsor Beast - Pro: obvious. Con: dies easy
Saberspine Tiger - Synergy: Thumping wave. Pro: obvious. Con: kamikazi?
Diotas - Pro: Provoke. Con: dies easy
Lightbender - Pro: obvious. Con: Self and own minions
Primus Shieldmaster - Pro: obvious. Con: None?
L’kian - Pro: Card Draw. Con: None?
Dancing Blades - Pro: obvious. Con: Costly(ish)
Hollow Grovekeepper - Pro: Kron meta. Con: Costly(ish)
Keeper of the Vale - Pro: obvious. Con: RNG, Costly(ish)

Might be worth rating each one out of 10 to see which stands out. Just wanted to know your thoughts :slight_smile:


Kujata - Flash reincarnation is often a dead draw after turn 5. Same goes for Kujata. And it simply can’t provide the same kind of explosive tempo swing that flash can.

Healing mystic, Primus fist - Worse then Gro and young silithar, and adding more 2 drops weakens my mid-game

Natural selection, Ephemeral Shroud, Repulsor beast, Lightbender - Thumping wave + eggmorph does the same thing but better and I really don’t need more then 6 removals.

Moloki Huntress, Twin fang, L’kian, Keeper of the Vale - Good cards but too slow, moloki and fang are really easy to deal with if your opponent has board control.

Metamorphis, Plasma storm - Well, I usually aim to kill everything my opponent puts down instantly so aoe is rarely needed, but when it is Skorn, Makantor and flash Taygete is usually enough to get the job done.

Primus Shieldmaster, Dioltas, - Basically, they are worse then Taygete and Sunsteel defender which I’d rather play on 4 mana.

Saberspine Tiger - Haven’t tried it. I don’t like the idea of trading minions 1 for 1 though :stuck_out_tongue:


I actually run an incredibly similar list that has gotten me to rank 4 and still climbing, so it’s cool to see someone else doing really well with it.

I run 2x Plasma and 3x L’Kian though and currently don’t run Zenrui at all. I might try to make room in the list for him though because a flash Zen play actually does sound really strong.


he’s definitely a meta dependent card. I mainly put him in because I was facing a lot of Reva and quite a bit of abyssian.


So, what’s your final decision on the missing two cards? I’ve been running L’Kian and I agree that it feels a bit slow, and often when it’s my only option (after replacing a card during turn) I lose the tempo and often the game. Should I consider Grove? On a more positive note, I am loving this deck :slight_smile: Having tons of fun and ranking up, cheers mate!


In this Meta I’d really put in two Plasma in the two free slots.
You can also think of cutting one Sister and one Sunsteel for two Grovekeepers. Strong tech card these days. But this lessons the chance for a turn 1 Flash/Sunsteel of course.


Woohoo! Your post inspired me, so I used a very similar deck and I just reached S-Rank for the first time as well (so much free-time when recovering from a cold)! Thanks for sharing :grin:

Here was my final list:


Thanks for sharing! I didn’t carbon copy it, but I tweaked around my Magmar build with some of your stuff and just hit Diamond for the first time.

If I make it to S-Rank, I’ll post my build.


I’m glade you found it usedul :wink:


After testing the deck for myself here some words to it - if somebody cares:

First of all: As I wrote above I made the following minor changes to the deck:

+2 Plasma Storm (for the 2 free slots)
-1 Razor Skin
-1 Taygete
+2 Hollow Grovekeeper

So, jep, I really run 6 tech cards (Plasma Storm, Zen’Rui, Grovekeeper) and it works superb in Gold (12/15 wins) and good in Diamond (3/5 - while not a big base of games in Diamond I think it’s safe to say that the deck works pretty well).

Some words to some cards:

Plasma Storm: Well - not much words needed: Swarm (Abyss, Vet), Songhai
Grovekeeper: I really wanted to run Grovekeeper in a Meta where Kron is everywhere (well - not that much anymore then one or two weeks ago but still very present) and Lyonar matchups are not uncommon (in fact more then I’d expected). And while he clogs in hand in some matchups he really won me games or turned games in “the right” (my) direction. The clogging never felt very bad because of the fact that you almost always have another card in hand that you want to play. So the positive side overweights the negative by a lot. At the moment I’ve not the feeling that I want to cut him. I simply think the deck would get worse without him. (This can change fast with the Meta - so see him as a “free to chose”-slot.) Same for:
Zen’Rui: The card is soo good at the moment! I stole Bonereapers, Kolossuses, Obelysks (much more fun (and tempo) to steal them then to Plasma Storm them!), Chakris, Lantern Foxes, Gro, Kron Tokens… and so on. You know all the possibilities. I ALWAYS kept one in hand when it was not absolutely neccesary to replace him. His time will come in almost every game sooner or later. I play since January and I never got so many “Well Played” in the middle of the game. Thanx, Zen - you’re a good guy!
Razor Skin: I had exactly one game where I had use for him (killing two Tusk Boars). Or better: Where he valued very good. Most of the time his best use was P2T1. Swarm isn’t played that much at the moment and you’ll need Plasma Storm anyways to get rid of Bloodmoon Priestesses. And you don’t want to play him when having a sticky Sunsteel on board (which should be one of your primary goals!). Well - I wouldn’t cut him completely. He can still take out Jaxis, Heartseekers, stuff like that. But 2-off is enough I think.
Taygete: Hit hard by the nerf but is still playable if she sticks. Most of the time I played Sunsteel over her because he’s so sticky. Used her most of the time after my opponent used some dispels on my Sunsteels and/or Krons, sometimes (not as a rule but a possibility) as a smaller AOE with Flash.

To my general experience with the deck:
The deck has no card draw but I had only very few games where I missed it. Sometimes opponents draws for you (Starhorn, Blaze Hound, Spelljammer) and pseudo card draw with Kron and most of the time you’ll end up playing one card a turn. The deck is strong in Topdeck-Wars so don’t be afraid of that!
I can’t tell if the deck is S-Rank-worthy because I’m not. :smiley: (Well, I just don’t have the time playing enough games to get there, I think.) But it was a run through with 80% win rate in Gold and worked well (60%) in Diamond (but I played only 5 games in Diamond till now to be honest). From all factions my Magmar experience is by far the biggest. I netdeck almost ervery deck I can find (and think it’s worthy) and, of course play my own decks, too.

That said I think this deck is the strongest Magmar deck at the moment and the guys at Managlow should take a look at it. I’d recommend my small change to it (me, personally had a better winrate with it) but maybe it’s more a matter of taste.

To end up: Thanks to @zenanii! Very well done!

Edit (25.09.2016): My Diamond win-rate is now at 7 wins in 9 games - so 77.77%.


Hi, i am magmar noob but really wanted to try some mid range magmar deck. But there is one problem, i dont have Kron :confused: i know that it’s tier 1 and i should craft it, but so far i didn’t get him from orbs and i am out of spirit. Is there any way to replace him? I was thinking about keeper of the value, hollow grovekeeper or Grove Lion, what do you think?


Grovekeeper is currently a good tech to have. You can also try Dancing Blades.