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Won game but lost a chevron


So, I just played this game and I won my opponent, but the screen then came up that the game was against a friend, even though my opponent was not in my friends list. Then I lost a chevron but got the gold for winning 2 games in a row. Anyone know what is up with that?

Also I am certain that my opponent’s name was not the one that the game over screen has.

Picture for proof.

Edit: Here is my match history too.

As you can see, my first opponent, that I won, was named thedoctorn6. Where did that game vs bigbabybweetch come from?

Also I watched the replay. It just shows me standing still in the initial card replace screen and then concede the match, possibly from time out?


Mostly the same issue for me.

Played a game (ranked) and won it. I checked the replay to be sure.

  • In my match history , it’s counted as a loose
  • For my win streak, the match didn’t count at all.