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Woeship da Noo Qween she Haz da Qwown

I saw Sajj hopping around and I wondered what Lilith could do with her artifacts. We all know that when positive effects accumulate they sometimes go over the top. It is all about the density.

So I embraced denseness

Have you seen this wraithling density swarm in unlimited? I got beaten by it with Brome (If thy haz da qwown, thy shall rule) and it devolved into a really … dense board state. Somehow Brome has nothing to say against well protected equipment…

Then I ran into Sajj with this. And I gotta say the swamp was deep and her little feet never touched the holy land…

What do you think?

I smell
… the breeze of low board removal

A new dawn


could this be :sweat:

the rise of deathwatch swarm

i never thought id see the day priestess and dancer came back


I made an oldskool swarm deck a little while ago with them, completely playable :slight_smile: just have to be careful to bait and play around removal

the crown can’t be underestimated. It gets out of control fast. I can’t quite describe it, but well you ger a permanent double furiosa effect. Stack one Furiosa on it and you are out of frostburn range.

The thing is this deck has a load of live draws… I haven’t been disappointed yet.

When I have saw wraitcrown for the first time I thought it could be really good in hyper swarm but I didn’t see it abused properly yet. How’s this deck doing so far?

My life for da queen

-clucking intensifies-

Not enough draw it seems to me.

You could replace a Grimwar and a Chakram with two Spelljammers.
So far I had no problems as I tend to close out games fast or get stomped.

Mentor is semi-draw too.

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Seems I forgot how to play swarm after all this time :grin:

But I will train hard to promote density :wink:

why is it called density btw? also that’s a ton of artifacts. i wonder if lost artificier is any good.

I thought that an amount of x in a limited space directly relates to the density of x

I am not a native speaker, this is my concept of it. Maybe it is another word.


OOOOH i get it! Pretty clever

Currently I hold a 8 game winstreak with it in unlimited. It is doing well since I swapped Geimwar for Grasp of Darkness. the AoE and Tempo really helps.

A certain person led me to this deck, saying its quite good counter strategos brome. Then tell me now, oh sweet deck owner, some things that everyone should keep in mind. How does this face against magmar and their removal filth, how would you replace 1x grimwar and Bloodbound mentors, or are they extremely needed for this deck?

Grimwar are best swapped for Grasp of Agony. You might want to split the replaced cards if you have no third mentor.
It shouldn’t take long to get the spirit together fore a third mentor though.

I dont need a 3rd mentor, i need THREE mentors

oh ok… then it is probably
Grimwar --> Grasp
Mentor —> Spelljammer, Ritual of Banishing maybe even Chittering Tiller to pull the opponent into your swarm. Aplod also plays Lady Locke

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I’d say you may Vellumscry instead of mentor if you don’t have jammers, but that will cost you some tempo and the deck will definitely become less explosive.

Exactly. The deck wants to be agressive which means we don’t want to throw away our Wraithlings when they can actually can become good. Sometimes it is better to be able to just put more stuff on the board like Bloodtear Alchemist that also can kill stuff and absorb the damage our opponent does.

I really like the idea of Tiller in this deck, had success with it the one time it came down. Not a fan of Gloomchaser, I was contemplating if Rock Pulverizer might be neat. Could keep the General in range for one important turn.