Wizard Starhorn: Magmar's Spellhai, but better


Cautionary disclaimer- Though this isn’t an Apex deck, an inside source says this deck will be reworked in an upcoming patch. Do not craft if your funds are limited.

Sup fools.

Figured I’d post a dank deck I’ve been working on for a while. Traditionally a Songhai main, I love mantra – the intricacies of its replace decisions, positional planning, and host of moving parts. Rotation of spear hurt, and the though valiant heroes like @eurasianjay fought to keep it alive, the rise of beefy midrange decks like wanderer and faster aggro decks knocked the archetype back into obscurity.

Well, as it turns out spellhai lived on. We were just looking in the wrong faction. Behold:

There’s an old Duelyst saying which goes something like “if it’s good, don’t bother. Magmar probably does it better” (not an actual saying) and nowhere is this more apparent than in Wizard Starhorn.

Broken 20+ damage out-of-hand adjudicator combos? Check. Bonkers removal? You know it. Heals up the ass? Just take the L, bro.

Hell, the list doesn’t even run makantor or slasher because they’re too slow LUL.

Anyway, I’m having incredible fun in S with this deck (roughly ~70% wr including the testing phase) and I figured you should have a share in the glory.

Piloting questions? Check the media section of the forums for my gameplay video/ deck tech.



Nice. I saw you play frost with this and I made a similar deck (pre Immortal vanguard) where the goal was to keep the mill dream alive
I wonder why no kinetic equilibrium? Is upper hand as single target removal just a better option with rebuke in the mix?


Nice idea! I haven’t tested it, but my first thought is kinetic really doesn’t really do anything relevant in the meta bar added hyper swarm insurance. Upper hand is monstrous. It single-handedly wins the kaleos matchup, as anything bar EMP dies to it if you keep his hand at 6. It’s a solid flex in the vet matchup as well, destroying obelisks at 6 cards and thunderhorn at 5.

Hell, being able to kill thunderhorn even if they play around natural selection is broken.


Since you mentioned vet, how does this fair against accum? I feel like it’s falling out of favor these days, but with so few minions, it must really wreck despite the usual tempo loss. As for wanderer, I imagine it has consistent enough burst damage and draw/mill to compete against it just fine.


Yup. The vet matchup is favored, but very unforgiving. You can lose if you punch too much or replace incorrectly. Err on the side of heal and you’ll win most of them, since they lack the heal to keep up with you.

Edit: didn’t see the question on the wanderer mu. At the time of this writing, I haven’t lost to a wanderer on ladder. Ragnora can be tricky, but all the others can be beaten handily.

Be wary of using brutality if you’re up against cyph, since fault + kha will end you


If you’re as fast as you pretend, maybe there’s a place for tremor in this deck in place of some healing, no?


Wait, what will get reworked from this? Everything functioning as standart DeciSpikes works…unless overdraw wont deal dmg anymore…


You could definitely throw in tremor over the dampening waves. Wouldn’t replace the heals, however, as they and the control suit are what break the deck. Heals win the aggro vet and cass mu, and give you extra turns to set up more efficient clears.


I don’t know. I just don’t want players with smaller collections to craft a deck which will only be viable for a week.


It may stay viable. Maybe they will only fix the Mnemovore+Decimus, not Decimus+spikes


My dream would look like:

*Decimus:Once per turn,if your opponent draws a card,deal 2 dmg


that kills the card and drawhorn as a whole







Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?

Edit: Figured I should post my list
I run a lot of similar stuff, except vaath edition
But yeah, its a great idea to try it with decispikes
I keep switching Abjudicator in and out, cant decide on a specific build, this is just what Ive been using lately
Surely its worse too, since Drogon is space dependent and dispellable



I saw a guy once running a similar list, but with Iridium Scale + Rage Reactor
I dont know how well that works because it was a mirror match so he didnt have any targets at all to use Reactor with

Also, I have to wonder, isnt Flash oftenly a burden? Thats one less target for Abjudicator
Do you ever flash Abjudicator itself?


Flash makes the nuts big combos happen.It can be burden sometimes yes that is true but many many times it will be the savior and help you to greatly exceed the amount of damage you are suppose do in a turn.

In your deck for example you could flash Drogon (2 mana)+ bbs(1 mana) +Crypto(2 mana) +bbs (1 mana) which is just 5 mana which leaves 4 mana on turn 9.Which means you could put down another drogon if you had it in hand. Which is a lot of damage it has been awhile but I remember hitting a person for about 60ish damage with that combo.


flash isn’t a burden as it provides the only ramp for decimus. In particular, it’s very powerful in the control matchup, where you gain more access to 25+ damage combos which would otherwise be far less consistent. I don’t think I’ve ever flashed abjudicator. Also- as strong as the deck is, I often cycle flash early in favor of ramping control spells and heals.Only time I hold flash is if I already have multiple combo pieces in hand as p2


Starry Potter deck looks neat, thanks for sharing and keep up the good work c:


Thank you, REEEEE69, very cool!


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