With the next expansion coming..decent curve guide?


With the new expansion coming theres so much stuff to try out.
Can someone give me the basic guidelines for curve and draw and how draw reduces/increases curve ?
Im not looking for 100% correct fixed rules…just general guidelines so that the stuff i will try out won,t be as messy as usually.


Just test your decks my man. If you find yourself running out of cards, add more draw or lengthen your curve. It’s that simple.


There are no general guidelines. Different decks have different curves depending on their gameplan.

If you’re losing games without any cards in hand than your curve is too low and should increase your curve or add card draw.

If you’re losing games with cards in hand than your curve is either too high or you have too much card draw.


General guide
If your curve is low
Add more draw

If its higher
Add less draw


pretty much. If you want to go fast, you will have a short curve and need draw- if you want to go medium, you will have a medium curve and a little draw- if you want to go slow you will have a long curve with little to no draw.


Whaaaaaaaa…I could’ve sworn I’ve seen you in S-rank replay videos multiple times, you’re doing better than me! Why do you need a guide on curve? Is it for newer players or something like that?


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