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[WIP] The Sideburns Shuffle, a Movement based Kaleos deck


Twilight%20Sorcerer_run Twilight%20Sorcerer_run Twilight%20Sorcerer_run Twilight%20Sorcerer_run Twilight%20Sorcerer_runTwilight%20Sorcerer_run

Onyx%20Jaguar_run Onyx%20Jaguar_run Onyx%20Jaguar_run Onyx%20Jaguar_run Onyx%20Jaguar_run

PS - S rank 18 with about 70+% winrate in S as of writing this post

Good day Duelysts!

So today I’d like to share a deck concept that I’ve been working on that at a glance doesn’t seem that original but has what I think is a rather clever and spicy inclusions! So lets stop for a moment and really look at the list above shall we, Jux but no bandit? No Killing Edges, Zendos or even Phoenix fire? Twilight Sorcerer!? What is this, 2015?

But hear me out for a second…

What if I told you you could have a sticky minion with decent stats that not only drew you a card, but also only ever drew you a card that will translate directly into more damage, either via more fuel for your Flame Wreaths, more spell procs for 4 Winds Magi, more ways to draw cards with Bakezori or ways to grow your Onyx Jaguars, all the while leaving behind a hard to remove body which again will simply translate into more damage on future turns? Enter the Twilight Sorcerer:

Twilight Sorcerer is a rather interesting card that used to be a staple in Duelyst not only because it cost less mana at the time but also more importantly with the introduction of the BBS mechanic the card has really fallen by the wayside. While the body was never embarrassing for it’s cost it was a difficult card to justify when it could give you your BBS instead of cards you actually wanted or that enhanced your game plan. But what if even drawing more copies of your BBS also visibly improved said game plan?

What Sorcerer (and the deck is so much more than simply 1 card) brings then is a way to play a body but also draw cards that advance most aspects of your gameplan in a consistent matter in a way that is unique and a role that could not be filled by any other card for the function he’s providing.

As for a quick rundown of other, less controversial :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: card choices.

2 Drop package, with not running Killing Edge and not playing the type of 4 drops I’d want to pressure with as early as possible I did not find Bandit all that enticing, preferring to opt for the reliable Primus Fist, which also pairs really well with Ki Beholder and adds more damage to your other minions when trading up and just ultimately gives more damage over the course of a game. Shroud/Flameblood are tech choices and could be the aforementioned Bandit if you so prefer, myself i like the option of having dispel available and more sources of consistent damage. Shiro is another interesting choice but I like it for the meta reason of being a 1/4 as well as being able to buff certain minions such as Ki or Twilight out of Plasma range while again, adding onto the damage I get to deal over the game. PS- I should add that card pulled with Bandit could also make future sorcerer turns worse which im very against.

3 Drops are pretty standard good songhai cards, Panddo is good against swarm/eggs and sets up better Flame Wreath turns while Ki beholder can be crushing in some matchups as it destabilizes opponents going first and is devastating if left alive with the amount of movement and tempo plays you have on top of being really powerful with early Jaguars.

Bakezori is a draw engine of note while Wreath is our main source of burst damage from empty boards. 4 Winds Magi provides some solid healing and is a must answer which slows down opposition and plays into our tempo heavy gameplay.

Twilight and Jag round out our curve and both have fantastic synergies with our very mobile gameplan.

And that’s the deck! Naturally I expects playstyles to differ and maybe you have some great additions to add so feel free to do so. Experimentation is a big part of why I enjoy Duelyst and trust me when I saw that the amount of unexplored cards and ways to play, even today, would still surprise you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The uwuwmancer

Example Replays
vs Cass https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-Ld3_JN5f8opVpy9Rr5L
vs Trail Abyss https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-Ld3_WByQXLBUZS2iv4M
vs Vaath https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-Ld3_fRP14lq-PoCQWgW
vs Trail Brome https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-Ld3_oMPay3uAxrV6t5G
vs Argeon https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-Ld3aIow2mKKQN-z0vzx

Disclaimer: If you are featured in a replay and would like it taken down for any reason do not hesitate to ask!


What do you think about replacing twilight sorcerer with fugitive?

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Seems much worse to me on several fronts. It both has worse stats and requires you to have cast a spell that turn making it a worse play on curve. That said going for a similar concept you could likely use Fugitive if playing a more arcanyst focused list with Owl and including Bandit as you’d get more bang out of your buck that way.

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Now I gotta go check if I finally decided to disenchant the bad spell Keeper or if I had faith until the very end. Love your weird picks man


I’m really curious how your turn ones usually go if you don’t draw fist or shiro? Otherwise, the deck looks great! I’ll play it a bit in gold laddering to diamond and see if I have any more questions.

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Ki Beholder and having Wreath IF Jux plays etc makes it a lot more forgiving to miss a t1 play, not to mention factoring going second as well. We regularly built our midrange lists with 6 2 drops only which is fine so long as you also play these comeback minions or at least take it in consideration that you need to bulk your 3 drops. As it stands i have 6 very good 2 drops 1 thats less ideal and 2 I’d rather not play but wouldnt mind doing so against anything not named Vanar.

But as i mentioned its a meta thing, you could easily sub Flameblood for say a mystic/herald or just sub the shrouds/flame for 3 other good 2 drops if you so prefer. It’s really more a playstyle choice at that point but i prefer less “vanilla” 2 drops since my games tend to drag longer, which is something that suits me anyway due to how Wreath scales and Sorcerer feeds into your lategame.


Looks fun :slight_smile:
It is super fascinating how you get consistency in for Twilight Sorcerer.

Would you add it to Duelspot? :smiley:


People that run dispel while I’m playing this deck hurt my feelings

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Do you have any replays against wanderer? I’m curious as to what your answer to that 7/7 bod is

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Will get back to when im home later , should have a few.


Mmm i can’t speak from authority here since I’d have to see you games but sounds more like a playstyle issue to me.

When playing Kaleos I tend to play him more (to use a bad analogy) as if Im fishing or lobbing grenades. You pull back, then you lob/cast in. Abuse the fact you have that extra movement with your BBS, backline your minions safley unless you really need to body block. The number 1 way to win games as Kaleos is by preserving your minions for future turns, so lets use that aspect of his.

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