Winter is coming


As some of you know I am a strong follower of the one true God Makantor who gave up his one begotten son elucidator to rush for our sins. I say my prayers every turn six and never forget to be cancerous everyday. But last night my Lord gave me strange visions I awoke covered in snow I rushed to my computer to make this <img src

Does my Lord wish me to make cancer of this?


I got same idea with the Cold Biter and Enfeeble combination you got there :slight_smile: some changes would make it really viable: like replacing Corona for Spelljammer, we have a strong body on board, cuz the effect is cool, but 3 mana then only one card is not profitable to me. Try adding a Winter’s Wake to make the best out of your Walls, and a Grove Lion to protect your one-man-army more :slight_smile:


Not sure why not Blazing Spines instead of Bonechill Barriers; I don’t see much reason to run the latter without Glacial Elemental or Winter’s Wake.
Aside from that, I think you might be onto something here… Some type of Solo Faie maybe?


Really like this deck but it’s sooo expensive. Anybody tried this?


I made SEVERAL versions of this deck and I’ll post some below but I did agree card draw is its big weakness. I can’t discard Corona cause it does what I need the most lock down a general. If I can lock him down and reach him the combo cold bitter and Winter blade stunlocks his monsters. Tho I would love to add Winters wake at least 2 but have to decide which cards to remove but it’s possible.

On using blazing spines I did think about it but I have very few turn one plays. It also stuns a attacking monster for a turn which I really need also being able to deny them that turn 2 mana tile is worth it. Haven’t had the time to play it probably later today.

Yes it’s super expensive and I still need 2 more pieces but I have the gold to buy packs and disenchant.

Here are some of the others


I made a deck similar to this, but I found that I had to add spell jammers to keep my hand healthy. I also didn’t have the corona or 3X of other cards. I actually found mark of solitude to be great on gravity wells or as soft removal.


That’s our problem. Full of removal options, and lack of draw options :frowning:


That is a great idea thank you since this is general specific it’s 2 mana. Yeah you have to play very conservative versus certain factions… Magmar especially star horn feel free to dump ur hand you’ll get it back lol. Ideally you start bone chill or gravity well. One card a turn is hard but as long as you can get near the enemy general you can lock them down.


1 Winter’s Wake should be fine, you have forever to find it and the tools to stall if you don’t.


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