Winter is coming ~ Another Kara's wall deck


Hey friends, Derenash here!

Soo, I just made to S-Rank with Another Kara Wall deck and I’m going to share it with you :slight_smile:

Reasons of the cards

Abjudicator --> This card has a great sinergy with Winter’s Wake and Can help with combos on the turn before Winter’s Wake (many barriers)

Alcuin Loremaster --> Can combo really well with your BBS, and every magic in your deck AND in your oponent’s

Glacial Elemental --> Why not 3? I tried a lot with 3 glacials and they always end up being replaced, I had a really better time with 2

Saberspine Tigers --> Great to help to clear the board on the first BBS or to Lethal your enemy after Winter’s Wake’s turn


Aspect of the Fox --> A must Include in every Vanar deck, has great sinergy with walls

Frostburn --> Control, basically

Vespyric Call --> Some will complain about this choice, but it works great with Abjudicator, generates a great value, you can get these minions:

Glacial Elemental 2 3/4 ~ Helps a lot with your combo on the turn before Winter’s Wake

Snow Ripler 2 4/5 ~ A 2 cost minion with 4/5 body (wtf?) has a really huge value, and his ability will turn it into a real threat if positioned on yout oponent’s side

Snow Chaser 0 3/2~ Pretty meh draw, won’t help a lot, but can give you some extra mana tiles for 0 cost

Borean Bear 1 2/4~The worst draw you can have, won’t help you

Crystal Cloaker 1 3/4~ Again, another huge value card, makes a lot of pressure on early game

Iceblade Dryad 2 4/4~ Another bad draw, but she doesn’t have a weak body

Artic Displacer 4 11/5~ The best draw, imo, will be a really dangerous threat if used together with BBS’ed Gravity Walls


Ancient Grove 6 8/8~ Insane combo with gravity walls, I won 100% of games that I managed to use it

I had a great time with this deck, I hope you like it, community! Any suggestions are heavily welcome


I would run Owl beast in a deck like this. You run 5 minions that profit from it’s ability and 26 spells.


Oh! I will test it right now! Thanks, friendo


Are the tigers any good? A third Alcuin and CC would seem better at first glance… Also any specific reason for running Coldbiter?


I’m really thinking of removing the tigers, Coldbiter always helps me on early game, I’m not removing it from it, maybe adding another can be really helpful

What do you suggest to use in the place of the tigers?


I think I’d rather run a third CC and a third Glacial or Alcuin if the tiger’s purpose was to help with board control, maybe even a second Coldbiter if you are finding it useful… Btw props for running that card, I think that’s the first time I heard of someone using it. Also give some thought to Owlbeast and Firestarter, the first should be great with all these spells and arcanysts, and the second seems to synergise very well with the new Kara, at least on paper…


Oh, I just tried Owlbeast and he is always to slow for the deck, arcanyst almost never stay alive for him to be really useful, at least on S-rank. I tried Firestarter on the beggining of the deck, wasn’t that great, but I will try to use him again, can be really good if we manage to use a double Kara’s BBS with Alcuin, I will try to use a third Alcuin and 2 Firestarters, I’m going to give you feedback tomorrow!!

Btw, thanks :slight_smile: