Windstorm Obelysk Rework


I have been recently going over my card pool and noticed this card. An obelysk that gives your dervishes +1 health. But that seems so strange to give a minion that dissapears anyway more surviveability. there are only so few dervish cards that are minions which dont dissapear, and anyway ignoring main part of dervish synergy, wind dervishes is kind of wrong in my opinion.

So ive decided to alter its effect:

Windstorm Obelysk
3 mana 0/6 structure
Your dervishes can move an additional space.

This makes a card not viable, but considerable as a tech in card against ranged decks or helps to get use of displaced obelysks while still maintaining its +1 theme. But remember that if your dervishes already are close to your opponent, this card does absolutly nothing.

I have never played dervish vetruvian so keep that in mind, but i would like to hear your thoughts on this “redesign”. Would you play this card in your decks?


When i started reading this thread i was coming at it with a negative mindset but after reading the rework you proposed it’s changed. Seems alot more useful than the current version and it isn’t broken also it suits the name better “Windstorm” when i think of wind i think of maneuverability.


Im glad you like it!


It would definitely see play. Star’s Fury, Whisper of the Sands, other Obelysks, everything would be that more dangerous, even edging on op. Plus the tokens generated by BBS.

I think that if Swarm Abyssian was more viable, this card would see more play, since 3 health can keep the wind dervish from dying and avoid proccing Deathwatch. Even then though Fireblaze would be better, so who knows?


I will repeat this once again, it used to give +1 movement originally. It was then changed to +1 health. Why? I don’t know, why was siphon nerfed? I don’t know. RIP Vet.


It would allow for placing towers 1, 2 or 3 spaces further away. If your plan was originally in chunking it to death, it just got 10x harder. :smile:

Yea removal/dispel has always been effective, but if there’s only one effective approach to one card, I wouldn’t put that in the realm of good game design.


Was it? I am playing since open beta and dont remember such thing. I do remember the days of emerald rejuvenator though.


Actually I fought a building deck vetruvian not long ago, and it is really powerful, the +health or +dmg (another building type) are pretty strong when you stack it, the wind dervishes will be gone at the end of turn but they came back as a new one on your next turn, which is more like free units as they come and go. When you’ve placed multiple buildings, it’s fearsome. As for your suggestion I think it’s neutral? sometimes it become soo powerful, but there will be time when +1 health can be better.

PS. I’m a vetruvian, but not a building deck


I like this idea very much and I’m sure it would help obelisk decks a lot as well as somewhat help Vetruvians deal with ranged threats. It would also make it harder for enemies to hide from the dervishes but that is obvious.


Windstorm isn’t really meant for disposable dervishes more like the cards with dervish in their name. It just we don’t have many good ones and the hardly see play. Giving wind dervishes extra move is broken kinda gives us more reach. Since we dont have much anymore I guess.


The buff it provides doesn’t make much sense unless you’re running a large number of dervish minions that will stick around. Increased movement would make it considerably more viable and allow it to suit the name and sprite a bit more :slight_smile:


The card is only unplayable due to the meta and lack of dervish cards. If plenty of the minions played out of hand (Falcius, Nimbus etc) were dervishes, this would be used plenty (although fireblaze would be op). I think good things are ahead for Ver decks


Its more unplayable due to the wind dervishes, do not need the extra health and is more of a hindrance to have extra health. Since at 2 health you can trade every wind dervish into any general and another wind dervish can move into its place (if it can do so), at 3 health any general at 2 attack can’t kill them meaning you can’t put the damage through, if you need that space to so. While the same problem occurs with any minion that happens to have low attack and the Windstorm Obelysk gives more health than the minion can deal damage. There isn’t a benefit to them surviving since they disappear at the end of the turn. Of course there are other dervishes in Vet but other than Iron Dervishes, most hardly see any play usually because they aren’t good enough. While I don’t think any new dervish minions would change that, since for a dervish to be good it needs to have slighty less stats to make up for potential buffs from obelysks. Plus any that are good enough would probably take the place of Windstorm Obelysk.

Also never knew Windstorm Obelysk use to allow for extra movement. Did check the Duelyst wiki to see when it got changed but the wiki has no information on the card page.


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