Winds of November


Here is a Faie meme deck I threw together. No real explanation other than it is a tempo deck, and it is plenty meme’y. If you get the Aspect of the Mountain in your first hand, mulligan it away.


I’m surprised hearth sister isn’t in there. She could help line up a lot of the positional damage like dust wailer, dancing blades, war bird, or help fix a bad lightning blitz teleport.


I agree Hearth sisters would be nice in this deck, I could probably drop 1 Vespyric call, and a spirit of the wild to fit two of them in. Awe, what the hay … I’ll give it a go.

Edit: So I ended up dropping the aspect of mountain, and a vesperyic call. Added 2 Hearth sisters.


I like Aspect of the Mountain too, but I feel like it is a dead card in most games. Just imagine how OP it would be if it dealt damage to the enemy General.