Windowed Mode An Essential Feather: Where's It Gone?


I need windowed mode man, this game is too slow to not be doin other things on the side.


shift+ctrl+f works for me


Yes, windowed mode really was an essential feather for me. How else am I supposed to pilot my flying decks? :wink:



No, no, no…it’s Ctrl+Shift+F…obviously :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Also…that title seems like an autocorrect mishap…I love it. New meme?


What man, Alt-Tab is your friend! :smiley:
Unlike most other heavy games, there are no performance penalty when switching out duelyst with other app. Just turn the sound up to hear your turn coming :wink:


And one more thing if the performance too slow.
Just turn low all graphic setting, there is no different in appearance. Except shadow will looks a little bit jagged.


Hey folks! I just wrote to Support about missing windowed mode and they said that they are sorry it doesn’t work but it should be ready within the next week or so. They will likely do an announcement for it of some kind on Reddit or the forums.
Hope this helps:)


“Windowed mode an essential feather”

@thefirstgokun, you know what I’d ask of you- challenge accepted?

@harrygateaux, not making fun of typos or English, but we get some fun typos that lead to some great images. I still remember magnate treats, I saw vetruvian dessert before, but forgot/dunno if @thefirstgokun ever did a picture of that one


Can you link me those? Lyogiggle


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