Window Mode Exists?



Fellow player mentioned that there is a windowed mode, but since moderator locked that topic fast I couldn’t ask that guy… and there’s no pm option either…

Anybody can tell me how to turn on windowed mode if its possible?


Are you on steam? If so, there’s no windowed mode.


Wonderful! That’s what I thought at first. Steam users get flawed client instead of normal one. Thanks for confirm, another reason to love this beautiful game


Windowed mode does work on Steam, just set -w in the launch options.
There also is a pm system in the forums, click on someones name and it’ll pop up with a message area on the top right of the popup window.


Not true. You can right click it in your steam library, go to properties, change start options and type ‘-windowed’.


thanks works :slight_smile:


Is that new?



No, it has been around since we launched with Steam.


Nope. Thats how steam works for most games afaik.


you can send private message to people even if the thread is locked btw. Just click on the guy’s name