Wind Slicer - Obelysk Decks Now Viable?


When I first got into Duelyst, I fell in love with the Vetruvian style and gameplay. I soon however realized that Obelysk decks were really “top tier”. It’s always disappointing when flavorful and unique mechanics for a class are not really competative. Never liked seeing top vetruvian decks not running Blast minions or Structures.

Which is why I was so excited for this next expansion. Lots of cards that seem to try and make Obelysk themed decks more viable. Cards like Allomancer and Nimbus just seem like great cards in any Vetruvian deck, and then Wind Slicer. Now I’m just a Silver pleb, but this card alone seems like it can help make Obelysk viable. A nice 3 defense 2 drop that can let us play Structures early more safely. Which seemed to be one of the main weaknesses of Obelysks. Not being able to play them early while keeping up the pressure.

What do we think? Will Vetruvian Obelysk decks be a thing, or am I getting hyped for nothing?


Obelysk Decks will be a thing. But not bc of Slicer. Slicer is nice and all, but in practice, you want to run Pax, Ethereal and Mystic/Fist/Shroud/whatever as 2-Drops, or maybe dunecaster for facemonkey reloaded. The only Obelysk thats really good as a card is Fireblaze, while windstorm is ass. So thats 3-6 Targets for Slicer, i.e. you are rarely going to get value out off its effect and are better off running another 2/3 2-Drop. But Falcius/Mancer/Nimbus/Aymara is just such a strong curve that Vet is for sure going to be good.


So perhaps not until they make more 3+ cost Structures worth it besdies Fireblaze?


Thats not what i am saying. Nimbus and Allomancer are great Obelysk generators, you just don’t really want ethereal and windstorm in your list, which is why you won’t sacrifice a deck slot for slicer in reality.


I’m confused. That’s exactly what you are saying. The only structure that is worth it is Fireblaze so you don’t need Slicer right?

So my question was, Slicer won’t have a good use until there are more Structures worth playing besides Fireblaze right?


Yeah. You should have clarified that though.

From this alone, i thought you were referring to your start question:

Long story short, you confused me and i confused you lol.


See, I disagree. I think Windstorm Obelysk has it’s merits now since you can go Pax --> 2 Iron Dervishes – > Windstorm Obelysk giving you two 2/3s.

I think setting up an early Obelysk game can be beneficial in case your Nimbus/Allomancer get answered, or to at least draw out the answers that would be used on them.


You want your Dervishes to die, so that you have space for new ones, also, Sajj is most likely the better general now, since her BBS + Falcius is a very strong removal tool. Windstorm is also irrelevant for sand dervishes.


How is Windstorm irrelevant for iron dervishes? In a lot of cases having 2/3s is better than 3/2s


Read that again.


You mean Wind Dervishes? Of course for those. But Iron, Orb, and Sand Howlers would benefit. Dunecasters and Wind Dervishes they buff perhaps.


Orb weavers are and will stay trash, somebody might make Howler work but in that case you would not play windstorm either, and the main selling point of the iron dervishes really is their trading potential in the early game and their bodyblock later, their Hp doesn’t matter that much for that, and even if it would, wasting a slot for a card that basically needs Pax to die to do anything, while having bad synergy with wind dervishes is just not reasonable. You are talking about a Combo of possible Slicer into Windstorm into Pax. By that time, you could have as well dropped an Allomancer.


The problem with Windstorm Obelysk is that its passive is almost as often a drawback on ephemeral Dervishes as it is an advantage, as such it’s a very weak card in terms of use case average for Obelysk decks. Despite the addition of Pax, I think Windstorm Obelysk still works against you too often if you are already running Ethereal and Fireblaze. It’s a pity, really. It has so much potential. I think CP really dropped the ball on this one. All they really needed to do was add a third decent Obelysk you can effectively run in parallel with Ethereal and Fireblaze to make Wind Slicer worth it, just one shtinkin’ decent Obelysk out of a whole expansion. FailShark =S

It’s sad that now it looks like we will have to wait at least another 3 to 4 months before Wind Slicer has a chance to be good.


What if Soulburn Obelysk was an actual 3 cost card?


That’s an interesting notion. Running through some scenarios in my head, I would say it’s probably not worth it enough at 3 mana. The third Obelysk needs to be worth it without Wind Slicer, otherwise it doesn’t really add to Wind Slicer’s usability.

The thing is, though, Nimbus, Pax and Falcius are really strong cards, so Obelysk decks are much improved by the simple virtue of Vetruvian being much improved overall. It’s going to be fun trying out some post-DoSZ Syvrel Obelysk decks. Which General to use for the Obelysk decks is another question, though. Huehuehue.


Thiis is no longer true with the addition of the 2-cost “summon 2 Poop Dervishes” spell that also includes a battle pet somewhere for some reason. Between those, Orb Weavers, and Zirix’ BBS, Windstorm is now a viable Obelysk. Believe it.