Win Counts for Factions in Profile


I’ve failed to locate a topic on where to find win counts per faction either online or within the game. Is there such a thing? Why not?

I’m ribbon collecting with Vanar and Vetruvian ribbons acquired. I just what to know how far away I am for each remaining ribbon.

That said, there’s a new ribbon I haven’t seen before (stopped playing for a good six months). Is that from doing drafts?



@t2k5 made some mods that do that for you. you can find it if you look for it on the forums.


Yeah, win count on ribbons would be nice and it was suggested mulriple times, not sure why CP doesn’t add that since it’s a matter of few lines of coding and styling.


The “new one” is given to people that won an official tournament.


Wow, are you freaking kidding me? Look at the glorious layout!

How is this not natively coded in the game?

Thanks, @oranos (and @t2k5)!



Topic questions have been resolved. Closing.