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Will the requirements for Seven Sisters change when Shim'zar is out?


As suggested by the title: when the expansion hits, do I have to collect all the 3x rares from Shim’zar expansion also to get the respective faction “sister” cards, given that I haven’t obtained the sisters yet?


I guess it will still be “collect all rare from the core set of card”.


I believe this has been confirmed somewhere, you only need core cards.


Doubt it.

  1. The way it’s coded is probably so it checks ownership of specific cards, ones in the core set. It seems simpler than the alternative.
  2. Logically it wouldn’t make sense to do it because it would piss people off and there isn’t much upside to it anyway.


This has been posted a couple times before, but I couldn’t find the posts anywhere.

The answer is that the Shim’zar expansion will not change any requirements for unlocking the Sisters.

You just need to unlock rares from the Core Set. I am pretty sure that this means that Shim’zar rares will not count towards unlocking them.


Really? I have just crafted 3 sets of rares (all core) for the Shadow sister but I haven’t gotten it. Are you sure they haven’t changed it?



Requirements for the Seven Sisters do not change with Shimzar. It only checks for core acquisition.

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