Will it climb? - You build, I play - CONTEST


Here’s how it works:

The deck that either (1) makes me climb or (2) achieves the most games played will be declared the winner and may receive $3 in orb(s) of their choosing.

-Below is the list of cards I have that are Rare and higher in Vanar and Songhai.
-Assume I have all basic cards,
-Assume that I have all commons of each faction (not of neutrals) excluding RotB commons.
-Each person may submit to me up to two decks (one per faction).
-I will currently be climbing from Gold (Rank 9). The highest I have achieved so far is Rank 8.

How I Will Play:
-Decks will be played IN ORDER of submission.
-Each deck with be played with a minimum of 4 games.
-Upon winning at least 50%, I will play an additional 4 games.
-If I win more than 4 games, I will keep playing it in sets of 4 until I either climb, or it falls to (or below) 50%.
-I will report the results to each deck in a Results Details tab as I play through them.

-Using cards not listed.
-Using more cards than I have available.
-Essentially, if I can’t build it, I can’t play it.
-Submitting two decks of one faction.
-Submitting more than two decks.

Points of Interest
To potentially serve you better:
-I do not really have experience with Spellhai type decks.
-I do not really have experience with aggro Vanar decks.

Please message me privately of any aspect I may have overlooked or questions you may have.



Neutrals 1-2 Mana

Neutrals 2-3 Mana

Neutrals 3-4 Mana

Neutrals 4-5 Mana

Neutrals 5-7 Mana

I hope everyone has fun with this and good luck to everyone! :smiley:


this isnt your average netdecking.
this is…
advanced netdecking

also, it would be really helpful if you told us what division you are in.

for the first deck, i will submit a Mech Faie Deck because it seems to be fairly popular on ladder so far

you have 3 win conditions, burst from wailing overdrive, mechaz0r, and meltdown (hopefully with some help from SOTW)


Thanks. Added :slight_smile:


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