Will Denmark finally get on the Duelyst map?


Duelysts! Duelysters! Duelystees? Either way, greetings from Denmark.

I booted up this game on Steam, a few weeks ago, when I was cycling through a few CCGs because I wanted to get into that scene. As a former MtG casual, I felt like I missed a card game in my life. Now I have ended the CCG cycling and come back to Duelyst because it really brings back nostalgic memories of the old Etherlords games that I played like, ten years ago.

I am really enjoying the strategic mix between the board and moving units and the classic 1v1 card game, even though I have never been much of a competitive player. :blush: The Replace function is an amazing feature that adds not only speed but a new unique strategic element to the game. All in all, I am really in love with this game.

For anyone interested, I will be streaming my experiences going forward with this game on my Twitch channel NuErJegGamer. I’d love advice and tips and I am more than willing to battle anyone interested.

I hope all of you are doing well. Final question; any other Etherlords fans here? :grin:


I am a big fan of the replace too. Honestly probably a big part of the reason I decided to stick with the game early on. The small hand size really put me off at first, but with constant replacing it really isn’t as limiting as it first seems. Glad you enjoy the game, hope to see you around here on the forums!


I am certainly set on getting my foot in the door, so to speak. Thanks for greeting me, chief. :slight_smile:


Haha, it’s Duelysts :stuck_out_tongue: We have yet to know the meaning behind this name, but I like it.

Welcome to the forums my friend ! You can always add me if you want to do some friendly matches and my generally unprofessional advices ! Unfortunately though I have no time for streams.

Hope you have a good time around here !


Thanks, I will keep your name in mind. :slight_smile: I hope to have a good time too, these forums seem really friendly.


Etherlords - now YOU are waking nostalgic feelings! :relieved:
It’s a Mix of Etherlords and Final Fantasy Tactics somehow - and that’s what I love!

So: Hello to Denmark! I’m from Germany - not really far away! Have fun and come and join the Magmar army! :grin:



I have actually gravitated towards Magmar so far. Playing a whole lot of practice matches and solo challenges to figure out the ins and outs of the game and the factions.

I actually really want to get back into Etherlords as well. I do not think I ever finished either game but I played them a lot. Good to know someone else is on the nostalgia train for that game! :grin:


Praise Makantor, we have a new comrade !


Definitely an Etherlords fan. Great to have you here!


Man, I never thought Etherlords were so popular.

Never played it myself, but it was all the rage in Russia when I was like 8 years old.


I knew I could not be the only one.[quote=“martinsilenus, post:10, topic:6193, full:true”]
Man, I never thought Etherlords were so popular.

Never played it myself, but it was all the rage in Russia when I was like 8 years old.
Do it. If you enjoy Duelyst, you are going to love Etherlords. It is very much the same ethos and playstyle. If you can look past the graphics, you are going to find a very nifty little game.


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