Why we got no 9 drops/spells


I have noticed that the game has zero 9 drops/spells does anyone have a theory to that please write tell :smiley:


Time Maelstrom was 9 mana and was maybe the best spell in the game in terms of design - . it used to give u 1 more turn after it was casted so like everything had like of celerity and draw 2. I wish they could bring back it, that was the reason i started playing vetruvian :slight_smile:


Duelyst is still a relative new game,It takes time to fill out every slot.I rather them work on 3 and 5 slot rather than the 9 slot. It would take something ridiculous to cost 9 like old time maelstrom.


9 mana time maeltrom was such anche Amazing card. Now that we draw only One card and that the meta is not slow, It would also be fine.


3 and 5 have plenty of stuff


That one card would be too powerful and ruin the game or make a huge curve immediately


Really ? How many of them are actually used it very small number.


wait let me be done with my gaunlet run


then how did hearthstone manage to do that :slight_smile: i would just like the next exanpsion to have 9 drops. Or edit the story and continue the story and then add 9 drops


I have no idea mate :slight_smile: never played HS before


Silvernight guard (most used 3 dropped for lyonar)
sunforger great for combo decks
scintila for heal
songhai has really much
the 2 totems
the guy who repairs your artifacts
horror buster
night sorrow (great but needs a bit of stats)
has plenty
vanra has enough
neutral 100% has enough
ok now 5 drops
not many but the ones that we got are good nough


I remember a crazy fan card that destroy the last row of the field while he is on the field each turn.
Which can destroy monster, but not generals they just move a one row to stay alive.

If more “field” mechanics are added to the game I would love to see so crazy Field manipulation cards.

I’m sure some 9 mana cards could be in there, like “turn every tile into shadow creep, but your cards cost 2 more for the rest of the game”. Hey, who said you could use Obliterate easily right after that ?
Well I guess you still have the “Ghost Azalea” artefact that give you +45 ATK if you do that =P. And 48/48 Juggernaut.

I should probably write that one somewhere…


You said Magmar had plenty and you counted night sorrow as well.Yeah okay moving on…Simple put the game regularly finish before or around 7.It will be cool when they have 9 drops and spells but they are more useful slots


yeah or your spells cost 2 less but ur general cant move or so would be acreature or so


Quantity is not quality. The number of -playable- 3 and 5s is low, which I think is a more serious problem than lack of 9s.


well evreything comes out in an expansion then there could be a bit of good 5 since in my opinion 3 drops are good and enough and for each class 1 9cost spell or creature (has to be epic or higher)


No way old Time Maelstrom would see much play today if it was released. I’d love for it to be back nevertheless so I could use it low on the ladder at the beginning of the month. Back when taking an extra turn at 9 mana meant much more because you drew 2 extra cards instead of one and more late-game cards were good, Time maelstrom was far from breaking the meta. Now it would be okay- great if the meta slowed down, but not meta warping.

Id love more high mana cards though. The 8 mana spells from bloodborn are fun enough for some memes, 9 mana would be even better though.


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