Why the gauntlet reward is usually a Shim'Zar Orb?


I’m player who like to play the gauntlet, but almost Orb reward is Shim’Zar Orb.
Do other player get Shim’Zar Orb more often than Core Orb same as me ?


no one answer :sweat:


The answer is probs no


I concur.


Holy crap @gabriek and @johnbob78 actually agreed on something :astonished:
@noneluck I don’t play much gauntlet myself, but I think you get Core orbs after 7 wins…3 wins gets you a Shimzar orb and some gold and spirit I think?


In my experience, the gauntlet reward is guarantee 1 spirit orb at any time of wins (0-12 wins) . But I usually get Shimzar orb more often than Core Orb. I play the gauntlet 10 times I get Shimzar = 8 , Core = 2


I thought that certain orbs were available at certain wins (ex:Shimzar at 7 Core at 3). Also, what’s with the quote?


i’ve only got core orbs from like 5 last runs. Both above and below 7 wins. I think it’s pretty random.


wrong quote , I’m sorry.


It probably certain orb at certain wins. As recognized when I win 7 time I always get Shimzar orb. So next time I will try to note reward for each wins.


i Had a 2 wins run, 5 wins, 6 wins, 7 wins and 8 wins in last gauntlet runs, and always got core orb.


It’s just random, no special trick to it. You will either get spirt orbs or shimzar orbs.


Let’s run a test!

ptrue=0.5 (true proportion of normal orbs/total orbs)
psample=0.2 (sample proportion of normal orbs/total orbs)

H0: Ptrue = Psample
Ha: Ptrue < Psample

We are performing a 1-tailed Binomial Proportion Test at the 5% significance level.

P(Psample<=0.2) = 0.0546875

P (0.0546875) >α (0.05), fail to reject the H0
There is no convincing evidence to suggest the true proportion of normal orbs/total orbs is not 0.5.


We need @excogitator to check these numbers!


While the method is not wrong, I would love to see a larger-scale study done with many more data points. Particularly, I want to see if win number influences orb type in any way since all my 7+ runs have gotten Shim’Zar orbs while my 6- ones have gotten regular ones.

I guess I’ll do this after exams, along with try to get Möbius to exponential stats with Loreweaver.


Yep, the primary issue is with the small sample size. Send me a data table with numbers of wins vs probability of getting normal orbs and we can do a chi squared test for association


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