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Why The Ebon Ox Is Not Trash

Watch this and you will see the light:

Here is the deck code (modified by taking out a trash card (Coalfist) and adding in another of the one that won me that game):
[The ebon ox]MToxMDEsMzoxMTAsMzoxMTIsMjoxMzEsMjoxMzMsMjoxMzksMzoxNDAsMToxNTQsMToxMTAyNCwxOjExMDMwLDM6MTEwNDEsMzoxMTA5MywzOjExMTE1LDM6MTExMzEsMzoxOTA1MiwzOjIwMDgxLDM6MjAxNjg=

Ebon Ox will be the best Mythron, just it will take him a few expacs.

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I sure hope so. Did you see my epic victory though?

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On mobile, sorry. :confused:

How many times did you manage to summon Ox and complete the trial?
If that only one or two times, Ox still isn’t worth for competitive.
If more than that, i think i should try that deck.
For memes, its okay tho.

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A lot of people have been saying this, but I don’t understand how. What could possibly be released barring completely new mechanics that would bring some support to him?

The only possible way I can imagine him being used is in a Control Hai deck which is currently not a viable archetype and even then, it seems much simpler to play Meltdown.

What cards could be released or mechanic that makes people believe that Ebon Ox will be better?

And also, to the OP, I cannot view the replay because replays on browser never work for me, but my question is exactly what reignzu said, how consistent is the card? Across, say 20 matches, how often are you able to bring him out AND actually use him?

Basically every neutral or songhai that is made buffs this card, so if they make minions you want to run its a buff to him.

Control Hai is still viable and good.


It was 2 times out of 7 games so far. One time was this amazing comeback, the other I would’ve won anyway, but he helped. But I think you are wrong that he is not good if it is only a couple times. The deck is good enough by itself and won me all but 1 or 2 of those 7 games.

Because you can’t see it, I’ll just tell you. I was severely losing, but then I learned that Thunderhorn works with the damage effect (i.e. it comes from the creature). I think this makes Ebon Ox a bit more interesting, and I’ll try to make some different decks around him (for instance, there isn’t even any draw in my current deck but it is still good).

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In the competitive way.
In the fun way, indeed Ox is a fun card to play once trial is complete. But if i could take your deck and still could win without Ox, and replace him with another more effective card. I’d rather do that. :thinking:

But, i still believe in him. Still reworking my Mech Ox deck.
I can’t let Our Trial Destiny be the most ineffective. :triumph:
Someone already created a good Hatefurnace deck. :sweat:

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But don’t you see? It is just like reducing your deck size by one, which is a good thing (higher chance to get cards you want). Also, what do you mean “Someone already created a good Hatefurnace deck”? I thought that card was OP…

First off, is Grovekeeper any good? I always thought it was a bad card.

Also, I feel like keeping track of the various costs for Hideatsu is a big reason not to play the deck, but that’s just me.

If you mouse over your general with the trial in your deck, the tool tip tells you what mana costs you have summoned so far.

It does? It didn’t seem to be working when I was playing prototype Xor’Xuul control, but maybe I just didn’t look long enough.

Yes, it does show on your general. Also, Grovekeeper is amazing as a tech card versus Lyonar, but overall it is not very good. This was just a deck I threw together, really, but it seemed to have good results, so…

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