Why Soujourner works the way it does


First of all I’m not really asking you. I know the answer, but I still want to express myself.

Let’s start with a fact that I’m a control maniac. I’ve always been like this. The only thing that’s keeping me from taking over the world is my laziness. Anyway back to the topic. Sojouner. Draws you a card only when deals damage. Why doesn’t it draw when damaged?
But it would be too good in Duelyst’s environment. I would be running it in every single control deck, especially Cass and Vaath, they would get huge draw engine. To be honest I think CPG doesn’t really like control archetype, which is understandable considering the goal of making fast as hell games.
Honestly I would love to see that small change to the card, but I don’t think it’s necessary.
Do you have any cards that you would like to see with some small minor change that could change the game entirely?


Guess Sojo would be awesome, even OP for Cass if it worked the way you described. Why would someone wanted Gates if you could just slowly torture Sojourners to death for draws?

Though he is already awesome for Vaath if you pack some diretide frenzies - fill your hand in one hit. Too bad Magmar have many more valuable spells to pack while Makantors already cover the frenzy-front well.

And a minor change I’d love to see? Well, Holy Immolation could do damage to the initial target too instead of healing it. :blush:


i think holy immolation need nerf, that must work only when u heal minion.


Yeah I like Sojourner with Vaath. I usually run 1 or 2 Purgatos as well. I once got a Diretide Frenzy Purgatos to hit 3 minions at the same time and 2 procs did the damage to the general lol. 10 Damage to the general and heal for 4.

Sojourner does make it hard to use Nat Selection though.


It’s not a nerf thread, stay on topic.


Can’t blame us. You asked a question claiming you already know the answer for, than ended the post with a totally different off-topic question that every player will have a different opinion about. Or the very same one with the current iteration of the game. :slight_smile:

Though you made me curious. Why do you think Sojourner works the way it does?


Yeah you’re right, sorry, but it’s about changes not nerfs right? But my question was not that off topic to be honest. That small change of one card would make a Duelyst a different place, better or worse dipending who you ask. So I thought maybe there are some other mediocre cards that just need small change to make Duelyst something else.
My thought process can be difficult to follow, sorry for that.


Dunno. I wouldn’t call Sojourner mediocre. Even if I did, it’s one of the best mediocre cards. :blush: Cheap neutral cantrip is always handy, the body is ok for the cost if it only manages to bait a dispel. It the flavor of the month becomes some aggro or combo deck, I’ll totally replace (some of) my Spelljammers for it. It’s unhealthy to feed Lillith or the Songhai generals with 'jammers.


You guys should stop quoting other games.
Dunno for other, but that’s exactly the point where I stop reading.
Just my 2 cents.


Soujourner is fine.I would though want to see separate card that would draw on damage.I would prefer if was Magmar specific but it could be neutral. Bares saying that Magmar would abuse the crap out of card like this between Kujuta,Flash reincarnation, Skorn, Kinetic equilibrium, Spirit Harvestor.


Think adding draw a card when it gets damaged would perhaps make the card too good for what it is. At the moment its mostly draws 1/2 cards or take a dispel effect from the opponent. Which pretty much fills the purpose of the card as a control style minion which generates card draw advantage against decks that play a lot of low attack minions (like Swarm).

If I were to make minor changes to any cards at the moment it would be Moebius, because I’ve never seen the card get played at all and I’ve been playing for around 11 months. While the card effect just doesn’t seem that useful or good. What would the change be? No idea but just something a bit more useful at least or could add more stats. Or maybe Envybaer because I love the art design of it but the effect is just far too niche to ever really see play.


I would actually love to see a change to Consuming rebirth. Rather than keeping the card in it’s current form I would like to see it redesigned to kill the creature and then allow you to place the reborn copy near your general at the end of the turn. The +1/+1 can stay or go that really isn’t a deal breaker if the card is changed this way since it allows for powerful interactions with R9M, dioltas, etc. This honestly feels fair to me since you have to either expend a lot of mana on one turn to pull off a high end combo or keep a creature on board for an entire turn.

For perspective the Slo + Holy Imo combo we see every day on ladder costs 4 and I would argue that is far more game altering than what I am proposing


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