Why not put a news feed on the app landing page?


It came to my mind that it would be great to have news feed of the game on the since if you are not constantly checking the forums or the website. you’ll lose some of the updates.

Something that would link you to the patch notes, last spoilers, tournament news, etc…
having all people getting the news right in the duelyst app its a great opportunity to reach the casual players that don´t follow the game so closely, and get them interested.



The game already does notify you when a patch comes and that’s probably the most important part as it usually directly effects the way the game is played. Tournaments, spoilers and such really don’t go under that category. If people really care about those they will look them up themselves. Shoving them down people’s throats won’t help, and if it’s done in an non-intrusive way they will just be ignored. No harm in trying I guess as long as the news feed you’re talking of is implemented well.


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