Why No "Normal" Queue? (Unranked)


Hello, newbie here, 3 days, just Silver, I have a question

Why this game has no Normal Queue? Like, “Unranked” I mean?

I have my main deck, the one I consider my strongest because I crafted epic and rares for it, but then I am planning to make side decks.

I have something in mind, but ofc my second deck is going to be for fun, not competitive like the other one (‘competitive’ I mean for the top half of silver, my division at the moment).
Why, just for playing it, do I have to hurt my actual placement? That deck will not be “ready” for high silver, because in that rank I am even finding hard times with my main…so…where to play my other deck?
I don’t want to be always playing my main,
But also I don’t want to lose 2-3 ranks just because I am trying something else for some games.

It is like when you are playing your “main pick” in some other games, like I don’t know, League of Legends, so you do ranked because you know you will do fine, but then you want to change pick, and don’t risk to hurt your ELO, so you play a normal game… here in Duelyst you can’t!

Where do you can play a new deck?
Do I have to wait for it to be just “perfect” with all the epic and rares? It is not fair.
See my point? Play my main, or hurt my placement. That’s not a choice…


There was an unranked mode but it was implemented in a way that caused problems with unbalanced matchups. They have hinted at possibly having it return, but no details have been provided yet.

Until then if you want to play around with decks, use friends games. They don’t affect your rating.


There used to be such an option, but I believe it was removed to decrease queue times (not enough of a stable player base yet)

I expect the mode to return in some time, but it might be a while.


Oh, there was a time with normal games, so… nice info
I hope it returns XD

Maybe if this was a shared issue…it is?

I honestly think that all players have more than 1 deck, and they surely are not all of equal strenght, so when you reach a certain Rank with your main, maybe then you don’t want to risk to lose ranks, so you still play your main forever, or you just switch on your lower decks, accepting to lose some ranks for a while… no?

I cannot be the only one who thinks that’s the situation atm.
Or I am missing something, who knows.
Well, I will stick to my main for a while more in the meanwhile.
That’s the first game ever I see having only ranked…I am sure Normal will return, it’s too weird otherwise.


I personally just tryhard until i reach Gold, and then continue meming my way onwards to diamond :smiley: It’s really not that much of an issue imho, winning streaks and stuff can get you into Diamond 5-4 even with stupid decks, that starts changing in Mid Diamond though.


I usually test decks out when I hit rank 5, because when you reach a new division you can’t drop lower.

Essentially, I don’t lose rank when I lose, so I can test whatever. Later on, around rank 2, I have to drop rank to test but I usually gain it back again.

So in my experience, only having ranked hurts a bit but I feel like it doesn’t ruin the experience.

Shimzar, with the vast influx of new cards, might be an unusual case of meta instability, though. Everyone is testing :sweat: