Why is this game still not very popular?


The CCG is dominated by Hearthstone and now Elder Scrolls: Legends is inching its way into popularity. Duelyst is still being left in the dust where hardly anybody knows about the game. I go into the Duelyst stream and I’d be lucky to find even 5 streamers playing this game.

I personally think this game outperforms Hearthstone in EVERY possible way. More skill and strategy, less RNG, more dimension, and developers who know how to balance. Yet for every one person playing Duelyst, there’s like 100 playing Hearthstone.

Why is this game so rare and what are some of the ways to make this game more popular to the audiences? I think one of the main factor why this game is so unpopular is because it’s not related to any well known universe, like how Hearthstone is related to the Warcraft universe and Elder Scrolls: Legends is related to the Elder Scrolls universe.

Kind of sad really, because if this game was well known then we’ll end up seeing a MASSIVE surge of players playing it because of how truly good this game is.


I’ve made a post which exactly deal with that :

Probably more like 1 for 1000 playing HS.:blush:


A lot of reasons.

Inertia – Hearthstone already has a huge market. Being first matters. Also the established base of Warcraft players as you mentioned. All in the past now.

Resources – CPG is a small company and doesn’t have the same development resources.

Marketing – Not a lot is spent on marketing this game. It’s worth noting, however, that HS grew largely by word of mouth. This game did at first, but isn’t much any more. Why is that? There are a number of reasons, but that’s a different thread. All boil down to managment mistakes, IMO, especially things like drop rate and gold nerfs.

Mobile – This is being worked on but my wife, for example, plays HS exclusively on her phone.

Variety – This game has 2 game modes, that’s it. Say what you want about Tavern Brawl, it is something different every week. She is a “filthy casual” and plays TB exclusively. Has no interest in ladder grinding or arena. (I’ve been talking about the need for more game modes for months).

Graphics – Call it a deliberate design choice if you want, to most people it screams “low budget”. One dimension of appeal in a game is being able to make a connection with the characters: it’s hard to do this when an eye is represented by one dot.

Competition – This isn’t the only alternative to HS out there. Some are also very good. There are two new games in Alpha that will provide even more competition to Duelyst. One has a large base to draw from like Blizzard did (though not AS big). The other has astonishingly beautfiul graphics and an amazingly full-fleshed lore and faction design, and it isn’t even in full Alpha yet. And there will be more.

Negative Feedback Loop – This game is on the cusp of entering a dangerous area, where it is perceived as failing and therefore people decide they don’t want to invest time and money in it. We aren’t there yet but we are in the neighborhood, which I am sensing in discussions with others. The mobile release is really important to turning this ship around, IMO. If CPG can get that done, do it well, and get a big PR blitz going at the same time, Duelyst could take off. Otherwise, it is in trouble.


The popularity of WoW can’t be overstated in Hearthstone’s growth. I started playing HS because my friends and classmates played it. I started playing Duelyst because I’d gotten bored of HS’ rng and was looking for a new card game. And then the other factors make other things that make it even more popular possible. HS is way more popular for streaming and esports.

So you start with a big player base from WoW, word of mouth grows it, then mobile, streamers, and big tournaments. Duelyst has none of that. It may in the future, but it will take longer than it took HS to get there.


If you don’t mind me asking, what are those two games?


I believe they may be faeria and shadowverse.


this quote cracked me.


Personally, I think a good portion is the fact that hearthstone and Elder Scrolls originated from non card games, such as WoW and the elder scroll games. I would love to see Duelyst perform a reverse of this process, and at some point become its own mmorpg game where you can create a character in one of the 6 factions and follow the lore through the game :slight_smile:


I would happily think up some interaction and things for that


Yes that would be cool for a game based on the lore. We need the original one to be a success in order for anything like that to be not just a pipe dream. @akurane @phayze


It just isn’t cp isn’t some big name company with its own download center with all its good games on display. Really it’s a lot of things that cp is working on. This was a Kickstarter project so at least be proud of helping indie developments.


Imo while duelyst outperforms hearthstone in gameplay, hearthstone’s one claim to fame in my eyes (aside from being made by blizz) is the flavour of cards and expansions. But thats about it.


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