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Why is there so much mech on ladder now

haven’t run into a lot of mech on the ladder last time i played but in the last few days i’ve noticed that i run into a mech deck about every 4 or so games. i’m not complaining, i’ve beaten every one so far. i’m just curious if anything happened to make mech good while i was gone

Nothing, it’s just cheesy and people like cheesy .

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There was a fair few mech decks at the recent BloodBorne Invitational tournament, so that could have something to do with it.

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I’m seeing a lot of mech Faie too. I have no idea why, most meta decks have a good matchup against mech.

the satisfying feeling when you summon mechazor?

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Eh… I think the deck, properly built and piloted, is actually pretty good. It’s pretty popular in S and multiple top 10 players are running it.

I am quite happy to see mech. Free wins usually.

Nostalgia strikes again I guess :slight_smile:

With cards like Tectonic Spikes and Frigid Corona, it’s easier than ever to draw into your Mech cards, so maybe that plays a factor.

Im running mech faie. Basically its a control deck that has mach as a wincon

There was a thread recently about how good mecha-Faie is in S-rank. Maybe it had something to do with the phenomenal outburst of Faie’s robotic army.

I’ve not seen any more mech than usual. But I am playing mech Faie right now.

Mechs are a good deck, alphacentury won the Duelyst Open this weekend with a mech Faie.

the funny thing is most of the mech players are songhai and magmar. i don’t think i’ve run into a single mechnar in bloodborn

Actually i’m playing a mechvet, just for fun as vet is a bit off lately and i like the buffing spells nobody uses.

:hand_splayed: *raise hand*

Playing Vanarz0r here for maybe 6 monthes, and I don’t remember if I’ve ever seen Songhai or Magmar Mecha :confused:

Never seen songhai mech. Mech vet or lyomech are the most surprising versions that I’ve seen. The most common are mech faie, mech kara and mech starhorn

Mech decks are generally very cheap to make, very easy to play, works with most generals and with it being played in tournaments/S-Rank just generally makes it more popular throughout ladder.

I haven’t run into anyone using Mech decks over the last couple of days (maybe silver is too low), but I have been running a hybrid swarm/mech deck recently which has 3 win conditions. So I’m part of the people using mech decks but without knowing its grown in popularity.

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