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Why is my death knell not working?

So I created a removal/heal spell spam deck which focuses on dropping gors/sarlacs early game, finishing trial super fast spamming spells on these and then summoning death knell to get multiple scientists/alcuins to spam infinite heal/removal and unleash the evil each turn. But I encountered a problem, which is my death knells suddenly stopped working properly, I played 2 games where I had alcuin/scientists dieded, I drop Death knell and nothing happens! What part of my deck is breaking the death knell opening gambit? Is it multiple gor/sarlacs deaths or does trial somehow breaks this effect?


I tested death knell in duel with friend before and after trial and it worked properly this time, I don’t know why it didn’t work in past 2 games :frowning:

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It seems nice, I don’t really know what’s wrong with it XD


My best bet would be your arcanysts (alcuin/ scientists) ‘died’ by a transform like from a BoA. Transforms don’t kill so you have nothing to revive.

Another possibility would be that all spawn spaces around Death Knell was occupied but I doubt you’re stupid to deny yourself.

I guess if an Alcuin got stolen (e.g. Psychic Conduit) then died as an enemy it won’t be able to be revived by you.


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