Why is Bonereaper not being played


6 mana for a 2/9 in stats with the effect of dealing 2 damage to all nearby minions
The 2 attack is irrelevant its the effect that makes this minion in my opinion one of the best cards for control decks or for decks that have a hard time dealing with swarms of smaller minions. 9 health is also “pretty” good on a provoke minion.


6 mana is a very high curve for the aggressive meta. And Zenruai is run just enough to make people quite scared of playing it. Also plasma storm and natural selection.

However it is very strong, I am surprised lyonar does not try it more often, and or Kara. But its mainly because aggro meta.


Bonereaper is definitely good it just doesn’t fit well in our current meta. The two kings of the meta seem to be Spellhai/Aggrohai and Midrange Kara. Neither deck relies on small stuff that gets pinged by Bonereaper, well technically Kara does but she buffs it making Bonereaper less effective. Also these two decks are fairly fast giving slower decks a really hard time, both decks are in my opinion the main reason today’s metas so fast. But yeah if things slow down and Swarmy decks become more popular Bonereaper will become good, but even than it’s a solid tech option.


I think it is extremely underrated. In some decks I create that need higher mana cards I usually will include 1 or 2 copies. Works extremely well against wraithlings and hearseekers, and you can smack most minions with your general then use the 2 bonereaper damage to finish of your targets.

If silenced, a 2/9 isn’t really all that great, but you should have already gathered up some value with the end of turn effect.


If this was smaller, say, 2/5 for 4 or 1/5 for 3, then this just might be the prefect counter to aggro. However, it costs too much and only gains significant value over a long time.


If only we were in a world where bonereaper was a 4 mana 1/6 or 2/5 with the same ability.
Unfortunately we got stuck in the world with puppy dragons and sabrespines


If control Songhai ever becomes a thing (it won’t, lol), than this card synergizes with deathstrike seal.


i am working on a control songhai. it works some days and others not so much.


I play it in some decks. I’m not a top player so that may not mean anything, but it can be very useful.

It’s one of those underrated “demoralizing” cards, meaning that your opponent sort of sighs when you drop it, because it’s such a pain in the butt if you don’t have an answer.

Played properly (I used it to wipe 2/3 of a Lilithe’s board yesterday) it is hard to beat. I think it may be best in a Lyonar deck running DB as it remains a threat even if dispelled.


Dunno but getting cleared the field by double Crescent Spear and ghost lightning 3 times in a game sounds like control songhai :sob:

4 mana bonereaper reminds me of Frostbone Naga with its AOE damage, though Naga is more aggressive.

Bonereaper is strong but costs quite a bit. So you don’t want it zenrui’d and want to buff it with say roar. Then it costs even more so becomes even slower.


Reaper is usually more of a late game play, when in most cases cards are the bottleneck rather than mana. If you are playing Lyonar you will be getting your roar every turn and in most cases have the extra mana to spend it.


It’s pretty amazing against zoo decks and can completely blow them out of the game when it wipes their board and they just stall themselves out trying to deal with it.

However when it comes to interacting with Reva then Bone Reaper is a huge liability.


Zenrui stealing a Bone Reaper sounds like the dream :sweat:
And sounds like total despair for the guy who played bonereaper


Like every other minion with 2 attack above 2 two mana, Zen’rui.

The only ones that are played are ones that win the game if not dealt with i.e. lantern fox, sourjerner, spell jammer, and kelaino. Notice how must of them deal with card advantage. The only odd one out is Kelaino but that has to deal with that there is a lack of good healing in the game, heck the lack of good healing is the solo reason sun seer is almost playable (if it procts twice, it paid for itself).

Zen’rui is another reason why certain cards like psychic conduit are not played often.

Bonereaper at best is a 7 mana 4/9 with its effect in lyonar. There are much better options by that stage of the game in lyonar i.e. tempest,Grandmaster Zir. And for one more mana you can get sky phalanx that while it does not win games by itself. It slows down the game and generally requires two cards worth of value to answer it.


I also sometimes use bonereaper in a Kara deck, which also eliminates the Zenrui problem.

And yes, I know. :slight_smile:


Ikr i use Bonereaper in a kara control deck, Including Quartermaster Gajj they are great bodyguards against aggro in late game when they are out of dispells