Why is Bombard so bad?


6 Mana, Activate your minions with ranged.

As the title says, why is it so bad? Is it the saddest card of the expansion? I just don’t get this card’s existence for its mana cost.


I guess they don’t want a mass inner focus to be cheap…


Because you can’t have good cards without bad ones. Some things must exist. Even if it’s only as a warning to others.


Because Bloodsworn Gambler ?


because of this guy


Maybe because expensive win more cards don’t tend to be good? If you have the board full of ranged units and killing edged heartseekers you are probably already winning even without Bombard.


They saw our lists in testing fml


Because of scroll Bandit. Before you call me crazy, let me explain. Scroll Bandit went over to the Scrolls TCG and ripped Bombard right from that game! However, he was a bit clumsy and managed to scratch up the mana cost.

Rip Scrolls. You will be missed


But why is scroll bandit bad?


It’s a gimmick for Mechazor and Gambler. IMO the worst card in the expansion is the 1 mana artifact stealer Vet got.

@galaxydueler and Scroll Bandit is actually really good…


Yeah I know

I’m making a joke because @excogitator made a joke about scroll bandit


Fortunately, they push Boss Battle weekly so we can use it :slight_smile:


Btw, speaking of Bombard, trying to make it work … but not convinced, just too goofy :confused:


Grailmaster buffed out is ranged celerity (etc etc) at 6/6… reactivating that would be devastating.


A near OTK, actually. But not practical.


it really isn’t… but it’s 2 cards… if you could pull it off it would be epic.


I happened to be playing a Reva Mech deck with Xho. I drew bombard, so it came in handy after I had summoned Mechazor. I don’t know if I would main deck even one copy in Reva Mech, but Mechazor has to be the reason, as oranos pointed out.


I have tried bombard in my arow-hai deck, which is diamond worthy even now but it was plain bad. Exactly as somebody said earlier, it’s good when you are already winning but dead card otherwise.


Here’s my take on what you’re trying to do:
[Bombastic Babe]MToxMjMsMzoxMjgsMzoxMDAxMiwzOjExMDE0LDI6MTEwMzksMzoxMTA4OCwzOjExMTIyLDM6MTkwMzcsMzoyMDA4MSwyOjIwMDgyLDM6MjAwODYsMzoyMDA5NCwzOjIwMTAyLDM6MjAyNzUsMjoyMDI3OQ==

Controlling board is the primary objective, using buffs and bombard are the win condition (with sprinkled on face damage when your opponent doesn’t have minions on board).


I really love when the threads like this get to the point of making bad cards worthwhile.