Why hs has more success than duelyst?


When I see new hs expansion coming I am so disappointed of new card design (0 imagination). I can’t understand why so many people play this game.
I guess people like :

  • the 3D plateform (maybe program with Unity)
  • the simplicity which makes the game quickly accessible
  • Blizzard advertisement
  • the instant freeze during game
  • Forsen boyz

Tell me why?


No clue…I played HS a lot but since i met Duelyst, i gave it up…HS is a boring and salty experience…Duelyst is exciting and fair…
Maybe its because HS is out there for a while and its a Blizzard game…


Because it’s first simple card game made by a huge company and it’s also a spin-off game from one of the most popular and known games of all times. Anyway, I don’t see what is there to discuss as the thread has nothing to do with Duelyst really.


A few reasons:

  • HS was the first game to hit the market. This has a major impact, see how Google+ could not defeat Facebook, despite a major support by Google

  • HS is developed by a major company. This gives more confidence to customers and ensures more polish of the game

  • HS gameplay is so downright dumb that many players have an illusion of skill when they get lucky or use the broken deck of the moment. Decks like Midrange Shaman can be piloted even by an idiot

  • Mobile support

  • Better graphics and art

Of course, I think Duelyst is a much better game overall. Just listing possible reasons for HS popularity


You don’t have to answer if u don’t see the point ty


World of Warcraft.


exactly you right they put in hs WoW. Good Point +1


They didn’t just put Wow in HS, HS is entirely spun off from WoW and inherited its massive, obsessive player base.


Yes, WoW-brand and simplified (dare I say dumbed down) game mechanics when compared to M:tG (or Duelyst) combined with a shiny UI and marketing help bring in the masses.


One word: Courage.


RNG. No, really, RNG. People like seeing big plays and funny moments. RNG makes that happen in more interesting ways. You just can’t pull something like a clutch Ragnaros-to-the-face or have the disappointment of watching Arcane missles hit everything but what you were aiming at. Highs and lows attract people more than an even middle. Just look at gambling.


that’s what I meant I just don’t have your vocabulary xD


It’s much better advertised and like if you go to battle. Net there is like 5-6 games they actually have all seen up front not searched like in steam. Man it’s magi Nation for me all over again.


Just chiming in to say that this is not really true. There were other games of this type to hit the market. Hex, shards of fate had testing going on before there was mention of hearthstone. Magic the gathering online has been around for about 14 years at this point. Also, as for your similar example: there were other similar services, such as netlog, myspace, etc etc that existed before facebook did.


Listen here wiper snapper we had friendster and we liked it u til this young MySpace lad came in.
You are correct in that there were a few out there mainly magic online that could have been big but people are very funny creatures. HS was lucky in that it was a visible game that didn’t have the stigma of being to hard/complicated or for nerds. That out of the gate user base word of mouth and reviews made getting people in easy for them.


I can understand why Magic online wasn’t popular. Myself as a fan of magic I didn’t like to play online version. Duelyst over all other MTG (Hex, Magic online, bethesda legend,…) is to my mind the most comfortable to play. For example Hex interface is really boring especially when you want to create a deck and spend time in builder. Magic has kind of same problem and I don’t like that much the fact that one turn take like 5-6 validation because of all phase in one turn. And I think most of people have the same issue.


Locking thread, has nothing to actually do about Duelyst