Why eggs can have an attack?


Well these days i cook betterXD
Think it was lost in time, but these magmar eggs pushs me again


And they suddenly become summoned by Grimes and buffed by Ferocco :slight_smile:


…I don’t know about that…
Better is relative…

If something was good, it is still good.
And that all sounds delicious!


Back in two draw, there were days where a brotha would egg morph to stall for a turn. Many a vaath met their end to a killing-edged egg


i think if eggs are not allowed to “attack” then walls would need to follow the same rule however yet they still may counter attack


Walls can attack.


I just had the best Grimes play today. His Opening Gambit summoned Peacekeeper, then I killed him with Cascading Rebirth (yes, I’m trying to perfect an Opening Gambit Cascading deck) and his Dying Wish summoned Kha. The Cascading Rebirth summoned Slithar Elder. :sunglasses:

I still lost. (Trial Abyssian is OP.)


i know im saying in case if changes are made


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