Why doesn't mesmerise allow you to move diagonally?




because it takes 2 steps to move a unit diagonally, and Mesmerize only move the unit by 1 step.


Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, as one move even in chess can be diagonal. Like when a pawn takes out another piece.


Think of diagonal movement as two movements. One in the X direction and one in the Y direction.


Basically, moving a diagonal space counts as moving 1 vertical space and 1 horizontal space for a total of 2 spaces.


A castling going 8 squares across the board also counts as 1 move.


Allowing you to move the object diagonally would make the card epic or even legendary :slight_smile: This card is really interesting actually, I had a lot of fun w it. Cuz I used to build a deck named Faie BBS: including Hearthsisters of course, Repulsor Beasts, and this Mesmerize one… putting all the threats in one vertical line, taking good advantage of the Warbird :slight_smile:


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