Why does blast not work Diagonally?


It’s too easy to play around, especially since creeps can only move 2 spaces.
And it’d be helpful if this was clarified in the actual tool tip.


Also Forcefield doesn’t have a tooltip at all.
I had to google what it does. And it never came up in the practice games or in the first 4 sets of solo challenges


Many such keywords were introduced after the tutorial was around. To further your point, it does seem a good idea to further add such keywords to the tutorial, to cover all bases.

Also, can’t say I was aware Forcefield didn’t have a tooltip.


Blast makes sense, doesn’t need changing.

As for forcefield, I personally think they just need to add new solo challenges to the tutorials for Forcefield, Battle Pets, Bloodbound, Sentinels, tiles, Build and even mech. It’s a simple way to help out new players quite a bit.

@isbee maybe tack on ‘what is Forcefield’ etc to your long list of FAQ items? No pressure


Blast: “Attack all enemy minions and Generals in one straight line.”

Straight lines can go diagonal. It should be modified to: “Attack all enemy minions and Generals in one straight line (Not Diagonally)” for clarity


Orthagonally is the correct word, but it is not used very much.


in a row would also be clearer without being a relatively unknown word




Blast: Attack all enemy minions and generals in an adjacent Row or Column

Edit: Althought I’m fairly certain blast damages structures too.
So it wouldn’t be wrong to just simplify it to

Blast: Attack all enemies in an adjacent row or column


even simpler
blast: attack all enemies in a row or column


Except it doesn’t hit those in front and behind the general.


@ThanatosNoa their latest battle pet boss actually helped me a TON in learning how battle pet mechanics/coding worked.


Agree, OP. Imo Blast should also work for diagonals. Would be much more intuitive without increasing its power level by much.

You sure? Orthogonally is usually defined as two vectors being perpendicularly oriented towards each other.


Yeah. Both diagonal directions are also orthogonal to each other.

@whoshim, when you say orthogonal, you must specify orthogonal to what.


When I have seen discussions about game movement, I have seen orthagonal used as the opposite of diagonal many times. Maybe they are mistaken, and so I am mistaken, but I have seen it enough that I think it qualifies as okay within the realm of board games.


It could be you’re correct then. I’m just judging from the realm of mathematical notation :slight_smile:



A quick smattering of uses from a variety of sources. We may all be wrong though. :smiley:

Edit: One more, a discussion about this very topic: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1285994/other-word-besides-orthogonal-not-diagonal


I think only in Duelyst we talk about Blast game mechanic and somehow get schooled about basic orthogonal/diagonal lines :smiley:

IMO, diagonal attack shouldn’t have long blast animation effect. That confused me the first time I use Blast diagonally…
‘Blast: Attack everything in front of Minion in the same row/column’ sounds good to me.


Simply using the word ‘orthagonal’ implies orthagonality to the board’s cardinal directions. After all, you guys didn’t define diagonal either, so it would have the same issue.

Don’t forget we can use the word ‘unit’ if an effect can take place on both minions and generals!


in addtion to the “diagonals and not-diagonals” clarity problem, I think we need to discuss “lines vs rays” too.
because if it’s all enemies in a straight line, We can’t really blast enemies behind and in front of us at the same time.