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Why do we have a free card of the day if its never relevant?

  1. Daily quests/rewards are moderately desirable rewards with the intention of developing habituation to keep the player constantly logging in
  • Common cards cost 40 spirit to craft which is low enough that its mostly readily available to all people who want them
  • Its never reliable to wait for the daily to roll the common you want to get instead of crafting it
  • Commons disenchant for too low spirit value for it to be worth the log in- this is so intense in fact that most of the players I know never remember the free card even though they remember the daily quests, myself included

Thus we conclude that this particular feature is not at all effective, instead, a pale and honestly displeasing placeholder of mechanics that have much more potential than shown in its current state

  1. There is little reason to keep dailies restricted to common cards.
  • Im assuming the periods in which orbs are most bought are new expansions- a paradigm which would remain unchanged even if the dailies were to give you a legendary every single day
  • One never looks forward to what common card they can gamble for, but one would be mindful of a daily possibility to roll a legendary which has actual value even if its not the card you want (350 spirit)
  • This would in turn make more people log in, which would incite more people to play a few matches, which would better the statistics, which would shoo away doomsayers, which themselves shoo away new players
  • For people with tight spirit counts, the happiness yielded by rolling a legendary on a daily would be a motivating factor to keep playing the game in an immediate sense (as in playing right after you roll the legendary and either use it or disenchant it for near future use), which is cool, for if your product delives enough happines to its audience, it will be more likely to be spread and supported

Unlock other rarities in the daily card roulette.


To be honest, if they removed the feature, I wouldn’t miss it. Coming from a guy who has cards only in Songhai, the commons are never interesting and the spirit for dusting it is almost an insult.

One change I could suggest is to create a calendar system where if you have successive logins day after day, you get better rewards and if you do this for 2 weeks you get a free random legendary (one copy only). Along the way you also have chances to get spirit or gold. A lot of games run this system and I think it works very well.

Or better yet, dump daily cards and give back daily puzzles, those are a lot more satisfying.


Are you complaining about free stuff?


Not every thing in the game is put in for you.I bet you new players appreciate free cards


And I bet new players would appreciate more than 1 copy of a random common card while having to go against Wanderers and Fault Vet.

The OP isn’t trying to complain about free stuff and neither was my post. The purpose of this thread was to hold constructive discussion over how to improve the daily card system if it was agreed that it needed improving. If not, then we can talk about that but in a respectful manner I hope.



A lot of things could be done better in Duelyst and while this isn’t particularly high on my personal list it’s certainly interesting enough to warrant a suggestion.

Hey @nwardezir, does this qualify for mention in the UI Fix thread?


Duelyst is one of more generous f2p games especially since the change of crates. People seem to forget this a business and THEY WANT YOU TO BUY STUFF. I am not trying to be disrespectful to anyones opinion but free cards is just to supplement new players for a little while. It is meant actively support very new players but between the crates,quests and boss battles plus end of season rewards Duelyst is generous.

Daily card system doesn’t need improving it is not for you and me.It serves it purpose giving new players free commons in their early state. Cosmetics are optional and Duelyst is generous enough to where once you have one effective deck you will NEVER have to spend money. Duelyst doesn’t need to get better at giving people free stuff cpg and bne are business. If new players want better cards easy then just spend money. They don’t want to spend money that is fine but it should be a little work to get stuff.

Legit question you spend a month of playing Duelyst for free,can you put together one competitive deck?


As a comparison, another title, Krosmaga has a daily fortune wheel which can give you anything from 5 gold to booster packs randomly. On the other hand, Duelyst stuff is much cheaper, has free cosmetic crates and weekly boss battles which give you 2 free booster packs.

All in all, I think Duelyst is VERY generous. I understand that after some time daiy commons lose their novelty. And I liked @phoenixtoasches suggestion:

which is both good for players and not so bad for buisiness, I guess. But I won’t hold any grudges if everything stays as is.


The daily common is worth 40 spirits… equivalent to the crappy Hearthstone pack with 40 dust. Even after disenchanting you get 1/4 of that.

There is no reason to complain just because it might get boring after some time. After 11 months of F2P and an average of 120 wins and 10-15 above average Gauntlet runs per month I have nearly all cards that are heavily played in Duelyst. All I do now is gathering spirit and gold that might come in handy if a new set or an interesting deck with fresh legendaries pops up.

The daily common became irrelevant pretty fast, but it helped to at least start the game once per day. Its the thing you do even when you don’t have enough time to play.

I believe there should be other ways to protect new players from the trial domination without weakening the position of CPG on the market/ throwing away money by giving even more.

I want content and a mobile version. We need this much much more than any short lived temporary fixes.


What Im doing here is exposing what I analyze as ineffective design, as in I dont think the tool is doing what its meant to do, if you guys want to take it up to 11 and say its a selfish dude complaining about free stuff, thats on you.

Addressing to more pertinent matters, its impressive to me that there are free loot crates, its a bliss to experience the boxes opening each time I drop one, but then again, just because X amount of things are great doesnt mean Y tool cant be broken.

I might be wrong on my following claim because I already had a bunch of commons when the feature was introduced, but Ive never ever seen it as even remotely useful- It didnt “get boring with time”, it got boring the moment I realized it was common-locked. What kind of advantage is this anyway, that a new player might draw one card from the biggest pool of cards, of which probably only 2/7 or 3/7 (main factions and neutral) are actually potentially gonna be used, and then to make that fraction even smaller by how much it fits the deck, and then make that benefit even smaller by being just one common-- As I see it, this benefits no one.

I may also add, new players desperately need anything but commons, its the most spirit hungry phase. So what the heck. Its the least helpful help.

You really think this would impact sales? The amount of spirit generated would be big when analyzed for all drops, but if one person drops 2 legendaries per month, is that enough to make them go “I dont need no orbs anymore”?

I also want mobile. But in the OP I argued that this isnt a short lived temporary fix, rather, just subtle yet positive. I’m fine with mobile focus.
But some say, if you want to move a mountain, start by the pebbles.


For a company that wants me to buy their stuff they have surpassingly little worth buying.

They’d have made so much more money with the exclusive skins instead of worrying over pissing off the nearly non existent backers that dont even play the game anymore anyway.

(Alternatively just do some slight skin upgrades, think Christmas or boss skins fml)


Did you know that if you collect 1 of every single common card you get a free Epic and Rare card? Yeah, daily common can help you achieve that!


Yay I got Bastion and Dustwailer! #worth it


My rough maths tells me I need about 35 days worth of daily card to afford a epic, and 90 days to afford a legendary. Like you could literally just finish your quests for the day and that would be more productive than log in rewards for almost 35 consecutive days.

I’m all for the daily card system tbh, i just also think it’s mostly there to appeal to the emotions of new players rather than actually helping them flesh out their collections.


Honestly, not very motivated to keep maintaining it, sorry :confused:


This, absolutely this. I will never understand why they start to develop the mobile app, even releasing a open beta version and than they stop everything.


Part of it, is that you can eventually, get everything for free. Free card of the day, free crates, free boss rewards, free twitch drops and possibly other things that I haven’t remembered.

While I don’t think that changing the free card of the day to a calendar system would be any better. Having played games with this system, it wouldn’t make new players stay any longer who would leave with the current free card of the day system. It effectively only makes players who are already interested/playing the game better off. Plus, I also think that making the free card give other rarities wouldn’t be effective either. You can put a carrot on a stick, but if the person isn’t interested, then putting a bigger carrot on the stick isn’t likely to work either.


300 spirit a month ain’t bad for new players. Doesn’t matter for whales however.


you know, it’s kind of weird how the daily log in doesnt follow an increasing reward progress. just imagine: logging in for 1 week straight would reward you something better: a rare. and maybe 3 weeks will get you an epic. idk, maybe thats too generous. But free dailies are hardly incentive to keep playing no?


People do not understand that it’s just a suggestion, go to cry somewhere connoisseurs