Why do people "pile on"?


By this I mean they have lethal but they have to put on a “show” of dumping their hands with irrelevant cards rather than just finishing the opponent off.

I’ve seen this behavior repeatedly and I don’t understand it. My instinctive reaction is negative, that it’s just being obnoxious and rubbing the opponent’s nose in it. But maybe there’s some other reason I don’t get?

I don’t think it’s quest related as most of the time it results in no additional damage and often happens well after quest reset, and in games where both the 20g and 30g quest thresholds were long past. Is it just BM or something else?

  1. I assume they do it to make themselves feel good.

  2. It could be a play to improve one’s game patterns. I have played my hand before killing my opponent while asking myself what I would do, if I did not have lethal that turn.


I think most of the time it is just BM. You can do it to show them how much of a lead/strong of burst you had avaliable so that they know how bad they were beat. With Vaath I like to Earth Sphere if possible just because it looks cool.


Sometimes I do it intentionally after replacing (by instinct/curiosity) so the other player doesn’t think I replaced into lethal. Seems kind of trivial but, there’s a positive reason.


I do try for a little overkill to make sure I don’t screw up when trying for an exact lethal. It sucks to leave a Hamon alive cause the opponent only has 2 hp only to realize it was dispelled when I was afk.


Some possible reasons:

  1. Cleaning the board to show dominance. Or just likes thing neat and tidy.
  2. Just wants to see a minion/general with record high numbers because high numbers are pretty and rare.
  3. You know you have lethal but don’t want to think. Keeping things simple. e.g. You might have exact lethal on board with careful minion trades and attacks, or you can just double Divine Bond the Ironcliffe and smash.
  4. You don’t like your opponent for whatever reason (e.g.playing your most hated card) so you want them to suffer and BM him/her.
  5. They are stupid :slight_smile:


I don’t mind it at all, it keeps me from being salty and just thinking that they only won off of blind luck and a good top deck. When I do it I don’t drag it out unless its quest related, but I do like to show I had more then one way and it was not just a top deck. But that is different then just taking as long as possible making every possible delay you can, if it’s just a couple extra moves or something really cool and flashy it’s fine. For example the Earthspheres play because it’s satisfying to win at full health/show even if you did not have lethal you had a way to make sure you were not going to loose next turn either.

Tldr: As long as it’s not excessively long I think it’s fine and actually like it.


Thanks for the perspectives.


I often do it for one main reason:

I realize i have lethal as i start playing some cards LOL


I don’t really do it to bm, more just to show “This is all the other stuff I had.” Lets the opponent know if they got really unlucky or if I actually had backup plans in place.


It’s probably just a tribute. I know it is for me.

Never forgetti.


i always thought that more cards = more xp, so maybe they are trying to play as many cards as they can?


I can think of a few main reasons, but it is probably easy to distinguish between them in games.

By Accident

  • These include trying to maximize damage out of habit, not knowing if they have lethal and optimizing their turn, going for a quicker lethal than they one they have on the board, and “accidentally” gaining lethal before they realize that they have it. These situations usually occur on complicated board states where the most efficient lethal is not obvious.

On Purpose

  • These include rubbing their victory in since, apparently, beating someone in an online card game is the only way they don’t crumble in a state of despair and self hate, playful sass (especially because you are well known on the forums), showing off meme-worthy cards, getting large numbers, and using bad manners as a response to your bad manners earlier in the game

However, it is usually easy to tell these two apart since the first plays out like a regular turn, except assuming that you would survive afterwards, and the second involves elabourate plays and maybe a few emotes.


Sometimes I like to show my hand to my opponent, and this is the only way.


I never did it because I wanted to be mean with my opponent. I sometimes just drop a Silithar Elder before lethal just because I like this card and couldn’t play it before. But I won’t always do so.


How else would I show you my moves.

But honestly I always try to do lethal with as much out-of-hand damage as possible so I could know whether I won the game through the deck being good or through sheer dumb luck. Typically if I could still win most games despite having a good majority of my threats answered, if I still have the capacity to put forward questions and have one slip by the opponent, the deck’s at least decent.

Also because damn it I’ve been holding this one card all game and I just want to put it down ONCE, je-HEE-sus.


It’s fun. And sometimes I play at 2 in the morning and I don’t want to add, so I pile on to see if I have lethal.


Self esteem issues, these people want to feel validated by making you feel more invalidated


If I’m playing against Reva you can bet your ass I’m going to overkill her by as much as I possibly can. If needed, I’ll take my whole turn thinking about how to do it too.


That’s logical. Playing absurd turns against Songhai whenever possible is another story I think… :wink: