Why Choose Just One Tribe?


Feralu is a card that fascinates me. It gives all minions you control from any tribe +1/+1. Now, on the surface it seems to encourage playing one tribe heavily. However, I had other plans for him.

Vetruvian is a class with so many tribes. Dervishes, Structures, Golems, and even Pax as a battle pet. Most strong minions in this class have some sort of tribe attached to them! So Feralu could be used to give most of your minions a buff without restricting you to a tribe.

Here are a few examples of how I imagine a deck like this looking:

First we have a take on midrande Vet. The goal is to just play value minions, curving out and eventually just overwhelming your opponent.

Then we have the extreme version of this deck. The only non-tribal minions is Falcius and Nosh-rak. Everything else gets the buff from Feralu, including any tokens you summon. Of course, this deck suffers from trying to do everything, but isn’t that half the fun?

I feel like a deck similar to these could be strong. Can Feralu become a mainstay in Vet? What cards could be strong in a deck like this?


An interesting idea, to be sure. I saw a bunch of feralu’s in golem zirix list taking advantage of the dervish tribe on rasha and the bbs both on ladder and in the dpl. One issue with that second deck, in my opinion, is just that you’re so light on golems that getting the DS bond to trigger or get real value from Sirrocco could be a trial.
Feralu certainly does seem to want to play with zirix more than anyone else, though (At least until wraithling gets to be a tribe!)


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