Why can't Blast attack diagonally sometimes?


I know they can do it because I’ve seen them completely burn my face off lol, but when I try to attack diagonally the attack won’t happen. It doesn’t matter if there’s one or more monsters in the diagonal line, clicking any enemy in the line won’t trigger the attack. It happens with Pyromancer, Starfire Scarab and Elkowl with Blast.

Where am I supposed to click to attack diagonally?

Also related, When Elkowl has Blast and Ranged, what determines which ability overrides the other? I think it’d be better if Elkowl couldn’t gain them at the same time.


Blast wasn’t meant to function diagonally. It would make the keyword too strong. As for Elkowl, I believe it depends on the positioning when you attack. If you attack down a row or column, blast, otherwise, ranged.


yeah i think ranged works only when blast has no function there, like in a different lane, but blast works as ussual if you are in the same lane


I’ll try to test that next time i get the keywords, sounds good if it’s useable like you explained.


I swear I have a vivid memory of someone using a card that gave them a random artifact, they got the Blast card for their general and proceeded to fry me like trout diagonally.

Did…did I dream that? Oh my goddess I may be playing this game too much, I can’t tell what’s real anymore rofl


If you have blast and diagonally attack an enemy that is nearby, the blast animation will play, but it counts as a normal attack.


yes, the animation does appear, it just confuses people like OP