Why Aphotic drain is so bad?


Compared to Sundrop Elixir

It costs more mana, with downside and can only target general…


It good for Lilith because she usually has lots of little minions plus it’s good cheap healing… I think to ur wrong


If you want a heal there are much better cards for the job like Sister and void pulse.


If you have lots of 1/1 from a blood moon it’s free 5 hp besides this is early heal from early aggression stalling so other cards can come out.


Not that bad mate. The synergy is good w Bloodmoon or Shadowdancer :slight_smile:


It is meant for a certian type deck with one of the immortal minions Sarlac or 1/1 battle pet.

It is more expensive than lyonar because Abyss syngery proc death watch and dying wish are big deals.


The main reason for this being bad is, that abyss also has kelaino and spectral blade, which are way better heals, even for swarm.


I don’t think that because there are better cards, the card becomes bad. It is good on its own.


Well why would i run a spell which heals for five when i can as well run a minion, which is always inherently better than a spell, that can heal me indefinitely? And since Abyssian is the faction with the most pings, Kelaino is just that, an infinite heal, resilient to many removals, and even if it is removed, that is good for abyssians insane lategamecards like specrev.


I don’t see a problem with Aphotic Drain. I think it’s just harder to build a deck with this card since you probably have to commit more to a late-game than anything else. But Abyssian has wraithlings as well as Gor in the faction to help minimize the downside of the card. Sarlac can play a similar role. You can even get Deathwatch procs with it. Also, I don’t think I would want this card to be better, knowing that it’s in the same faction as Kelaino.

Sundrop Elixir is a cheaper, more versatile card because the faction of Lyonar, or at least Zir’an, is centered around heals, so it fits the faction better to have more efficient healing options.


Deathwatch synergy for example.
Besides, this doesn’t answer what I brought up, on its own, this card is insanely good. Without considering Kelaino or whatever.


If something is worse than another thing that produce the same ressource, while you only need a limited supply of the ressource it gives, its bad, because it’s inefficient. Quality is always dependant on the competitors.


Spending two Mana and sacrificing a minion for 5 health is incredibly good? oO


Factions have to do the same thing in different ways. It’s significantly harder for Abyssian to heal than for Lyonar, and harder still for Vet to heal than either of them. It gives purpose and flavor to the factions, even if that means making a few bad cards in the process.


But you fuel your Deathwatch minions while giving yourself 5 more health. And you will usually sacrifice a Wraithling, if not always, it’s worth it.


Lets not beat around the bush; this card is useless.

If you wanted cheap healing, Azure Herald provides only 2 less than Aphotic drain and leaves behind a body to trigger deathwatch later or body block now. If you want deathwatch triggers, ritual vanishing provides two as well as being high tempo removal.

2 mana and one card to restore 5 health will not be playable anywhere. The fact that it might trigger deathwatch is little compensation for how bad it is when you do not have any deathwatch triggers or eternal minions. The only situation where I could see this being good is getting it from L’Kian when you have board control and little health in the lategame.

That being said, pretty much every faction got a few garbage cards this expansion. Vanar got Myriad, Vetruvian got stones to spears, Magmar got Valknu’s seal (at least it makes for good memes), Lyonar got Excelsious (?), and Songhai got some all-around “meh” cards.


I can also fuel my Deathwatch by running my minion into something and doing 1 damage that way. This card loses you tempo, limits the amount of possible plays in your hand (costing card advantage if you ever do play it), and is redundant with void pulse and kelaino and azure herald.


Aphotic Drain is so bad because it’s meant to be so bad: It’s a Hearthpetrification tribute card.

They are just making fun of Ben Brode logic of Purify being not so bad because “its drawback is actually an advantage” due to you sometime wanting to Silence your own minions. Power is about use case average. A highly situational sometimes advantage usually drawback isn’t worth a card being 2 mana over cost.

They even made Aphotic Drain 2 mana like Purify. How much more obvious do they have to make the joke? =S


lets be honest here; this card has no place in any deck.

Because abyssian has far better sources to heal, this card sees little to no play. Compared to void pulse or kelaino or spectral blade, why would you add this card to your deck? If deathwatch is so important, ritual banishing or consuming rebirth, imo, is more suitable.

In short, this card fills a niche - heal + deathwatch synergy. The reason why this card is so bad is because this niche is unnecessary. One rarely needs a deathwatch trigger and an emergency heal - so this card is rarely useful.


Making this card good and unconditional is not a very good idea, because of Cass of course.
Also don’t bully Sam, he’s a lost cause when it comes to evaluating cards. (his words)