Who's created the craziest board?


You’ve got a point (I just noticed Abyssians have three viable 8 mana minions/spells) so I guess it wouldn’t hurt to give Songhai a good eight mana minion, especially considering that they have been nerfed recently. Although I still think the minion would have to be really crazy if it wants to compete with spiral.


Songhai will not get an 8 drop because they are a burn faction, they don’t need that.


Yet Storm Kage exists.


Soooo… why does Abyss have 3…?


Whats the third 8 mana card? I can only think of Variax and obliterate


Death Knell. 15 characters


Right. Forgot about that. I’ve played the card once and that’s the only time i’ve ever seen it


Abyssian is a Control faction, it only makes sense they have a lot of late game assets.

@phoinexflame We don’t talk about Storm Kage, he’s useless


So… if Abyssian is a control faction and Songhai is a burn faction… why can Magmar specialize into either, and Vetruvian can’t reliably do either?


Magmar is midrange, so it has assets for both

Vetruvian, as I see it, is a buff faction that can OTK or swarm
They’re not control, they’re not aggro, they are different


Magmar has too much in the way of assets for both. They have the second highest amount of removal (behind only Vanar) and can also generate an insane amount of damage early on because they have very solid 2 drops.

Vetruvian can OTK or Swarm. So, why does Vet have the 2 least consistent strategies? Swarm can and will always lose to AoE that every faction but Vet now has. OTK is incredibly reliant on draws and loses very quickly to one unanswered minion.

Anyway, let’s end it here, we’re getting off topic.


It’s only fair Magmar has more removal or assets, the faction is based on vulnerable stat sticks while Vetruvian has a lot of buffs and somehow ranged minions with lots of spells and artifacts with complex enough effects and synergies.

The very basis of Vetruvian is flawed and weak in my opinion anyway. Relying in buffs is unreliable.

Okay you’re right we should just end it here, but I felt like I had to point this out.


Hey dudes? This thread isn’t about 8 drops, it’s about hilarious board states. Don’t get my thread locked.

Oh, and by the way @dewize, Jogda played Kage to S this month. It’s not just in his deck, the deck is built around it.


Mind linking that Jogda deck? Thx bby


Nah I don’t have it, I don’t generally save other people’s decks. He has an Imgur somewhere.

There are no Kage crazy board states because if you get Kage going your opponent has no board :wink:



I think its something like this.


Bonerippers instead of Meltdowns and it looks pretty good.


ez topdeck trinity wing


So, uh… here’s a hint at my future Sarlac post.


How do the rebirth spells work with skins? Does it just copy the skin of the one that died, or does it pick a random one.