Who's created the craziest board?


eggmar? winning games? :scream: madness!!


welcome to ntr city


I don’t believe I’ve ever created so many Shadow Creeps.

I didn’t draw Variax until the very end but I did place a Kelaino in the corner to see how it would do at the start.

This shit is OP.
The other dude could have killed me twice if it wasn’t for the Kelaino.


Where’s your God now?

Guardians of Aperion: A Vanar thread

yeah, i don’t see why cp felt the need to nerf emerald rejuvenator and then thought that kelaino was healthy for the game


The thing is that Kelaino isn’t fundamentally broken, nor OP, it’s that it arrived in a faction where you could literally ping 10 times a turn


i know, and that’s what makes it broken. something that’s only overpowered because it has synergy with a faction is still overpowered


It has 5 hp it doesn’t need 5 hp it’s hard to get rid of period


Story time.

Yesterday I played a Cassyva with my Arcanyst Abyss deck. Got her to 2 hp in the corner, I was at full (she couldn’t answer my Illusionist, I played two Nightshrouds). I had her Kelaino surrounded by a Death Knell and at 2 hp. I have an Aethermaster on board + Loreweavers etc summoned from Knell.

Then she Obliterates.

She goes to 23 and I drop to 11. Oh how the tables turn. But I can still draw more Knells, right? She doesn’t have much of a board either, I topdeck an answer to Kelaino. Well over the next 3 turns she chases me across the board and builds up 18 creep spaces. In three turns. With double Crawler and Shadow Nova. Wtf. At the very end she Ghost Azaleas me, despite having worked my way back up to 15 hp.

Never have I seen a board so crazy filled with creep… twice.

Like ten cards left in my deck and I run 3x Death Knell rip


And there goes my sympathy.


I don’t see how Knell is worse than Juggernaut. Knell has antisynergy with being ramped out, requires a lot of setup to be powerful, and is more easily dealt with. And I don’t even think Juggernaut is the worst thing ever.


It isn’t more easily dealt with though. Juggernaut can be dealt with with a single emp, whereas there are no reliable 4 damage board clears.


EMP doesn’t clear the 10 health body. Juggernaut’s threat is far more built around its effect than Knell, as Knell just builds an army, which you can trade with to clear. Juggernaut has an impending ‘remove me or lose’ threat while Knell does not.

Regardless, my other points stand as enough to prove Juggernaut is more effective than Knell.

No reason to get off topic though, this thread is about crazy Doolist boards!


Didn’t screen cap it, but I had a juggernaut give birth to twins after hitting the general, who was too busy running to deal with any of the three(or the 4th I played the next turn)


That’s… gross


lol ty or songhai giving me a pando lol


Ive played eggmar since I started, only changing two months ago to more of a “swarm mar” deck. Ive been diamond for 6 monthes (except last month, because ‘For Honor’) I made diamond again this month with my new egg deck and it js fabulous.


Clash of the TITANS (read “stat-sticks”)
In all seriousness, Jugger may be looked at later on, that card seems to be a bit too powerful in conjunction with Flash (which is limiting design space as much as Magmar players want to ignore it.)
I also wanna know why Mag gets the most viable 8 drop…? (I guess, to be fair, Songhai and Vetruvian don’t have theirs yet and Vanar only has their Grandmaster (obviously this is all excluding spells)).


What have you done to Vaath :scream:!? He looks just like Juggernaut.

Oh and Songhai don’t need a eight mana minion when they have Spiral technique, so that leaves poor Vet without a good eight mana minion/spell.


I pounded his face in with a divine bonded Stormmetal Golem

I mean, Abyss has all three, why not Hai?