Who's created the craziest board?


I’ve played a lot of Duelyst, and I’ve seen some crazy boards in my days. But this expansion is bringing so many more. Who has some hilarious boards they wanna share? Here’s my new favorite

This started out as a serious game, but ended when he couldn’t deal with a flashed Juggernaut. Thanks to Malz for letting the game play out for a few more turns (he ended it in style by using Spiral Technique on my Sister)

Here’s some other funny boards:

Old Variax Mirror

In the Cassyva/Lilithe Variax mirror, Cassyva actually wins. I ended up conceding because my computer lagged too much for me to do anything on my turn (RIP)

Stone to Spears is OP

This one might be cheating, it’s from a sandbox game a friend of mine played against himself to test a meme deck. I think it still deserves to be here just because of how glorious it is

Credit to Seedy.

The Counter to Variax

Another old game, these are the only ones I have capped and saved, sorry. I got countered super hard when I couldn’t answer a Silithar Elder, got blown out. Sorry for the card in the middle of the screen, I capped at a bad time.

I’ve been working on a Sarlac meme deck, but I’ll post that in a week or so. The best I’ve gotten is 5 Sarlac and 5 Gor, which isn’t enough to please me. I might cave and go into sandbox

EDIT: I just noticed the top EMP is prismatic but nothing else is, I wonder why. Nothing was played on it, so I’m not sure where it could’ve stolen the tag from


Ill let @galaxydueler finish the story.


I’ve posted it elsewhere, but…


This has to be my best memory in duelyst so far

As you can see he has ironclad so I had to rebuild my board

I’ll probably post the replay up on youtube


Aand I don’t get it?


He gets boardcleared while he has a large board and the enemy has a shadowdancer, meaning he gets his ass nuked.


They were in topdeck wars, the Abyssian player had 2 cards in hand when I said the INB4 thing and of course, those were the exact 2 cards he had in hand, so there was something in the region of a 12-16 hp swing.


here you go

Now do you get it?


There were some… interesting plays, and hilarious meme cards on Wizard’s part. The Breath/Shadowdancer play was godly.


The turn timer combined with the fact that im tired made me do those strange plays

also my memory is bad today so i forgot to make a couple attacks


The poor neglected heartseekers just made me sad. No respect for their power from Wizard’s end, no protection from Reva… poor sacrificial 1/1’s :cry:


It’s really hard to tell if illusions are exhausted or not, I always find myself clicking on all of them again at the end of my turn just to make sure.


I survived Double Flash juggernaut.
Including the first I destroyed FOUR juggernauts (one from egg).
Smashed through Tripple Bastion defences. (The 4 eggs are dispelled)
Thought I had the game there. Then came double natural selection destroying my last offence.
There with 1HP left, waiting for the inevitable defeat from out of deck lethal, I suicide with Trinity Oath.

Most epic game thanks for the expansion :joy:


Woah… that’s crazy. When your egg has more health than your general lol


Not particularly special, but I haven’t been seeing much Golem Lyonar and I landed 3 Warblades in a row :stuck_out_tongue:


death knell works really well as a comeback mechanic
this guy had me cornered with an aymara, incinera, ahnk, and a sunsteel when i had nothing on the board. one deathknell into perfect protect and a few trinity spells later, and he now wishes he put circle of dessication in his deck


He’d lose if he played it though :wink: Nether Summoning or Reaper?


nether summoning, i was slightly hoping for the nosh rak, but aymara is fine too

besides, another death knell sealed his fate


On curve Noshy into on curve Death Knell sounds like a wet dream


Hmpf, you guys are all amateurs.

Silithar Elder + Dreadnought combo is OP