Whoa, December's ranked season has been brutal


This start of season is super tough for me :open_mouth: I think I hit Gold just too soon and in the last two days my winrate has been way below 50℅. I wonder whether this would be the feeling in S-Rank? It’s fun playing against good players, though a bit limiting for my gold income :slight_smile:

How is the start of this season for you? I don’t know if I was too fast in entering Gold or if strong players are coming back to the game, due to the upcoming expansion.

Also, how are the really good players faring? Are you already up there or are we all fighting around Gold? I’d like to learn how the ladder moves at the start of the season when starting so high (the last month I had my best placement so far, at rank 4)


The first two weeks of the months are a lot tougher than the rest of the month. If you want to play against some more off-beat decks, wait with your climb until a couple of days have passed and the tryhards have reached S.


Usually at the start of a new season S-rank and diamond players are playing to get back their rank so if you hit gold early on and play against someone with a high number of ribbons then taht may just be an explanation for your low winrate.

I find that I usually play better after redesigning my decks from scratch. And this season I’ve been doing okay, just hit rank 9

EDIT: just in case you don’t know how season restart works it goes like:
S-Rank starts off at 10
Diamond starts at 11
Silver get sent back to bronze
And that’s all after the previous season ended


Sounds about right. It’s also hard to counterplay as the meta is rolling across the ladder in the first week or so. I’ve went up against some real decimating decks from multi-ribboned players in Silver that made me happy to play against them (despite being obliterated) as they did things I didn’t think were viable.

Put on your hard hat!



I’m just playing to try out my decks I usually just aim for gold… Rather have fun and lose then try hard and win… Plus I have over 1000 gold gotta save for the new expansion


This is likely because the season rest a few days ago and most S rankers are between rank 11 and 0 at this point. Don’t be discouraged. Take these games as an opportunity to steal some of the plays you see and make them your own :slight_smile:


Actually, S-rankers also reset to rank 11.


My sorry ass is still stuck on Silver. Got a lot to learn lol


Oh, never got to s so I didn’t know that. Good


Oh, I see. Maybe having S-Rank players at my same rank is too much for me :slight_smile: also, it’s likely that at this level of competition, having highly refined meta decks may starts to be relevant for the winrate


fist day 3x win in a row - gold, nex 5 days >50 matches(~60% winrate) -7 rank, try to diamond in next days))


rofl, i finally just got into gold… i normally am in gold by day three. i blame the nerf, but yeah… lets see how gold treats me.


Give it some time. There are casual players or those who want an easy climb and just wait some time before climbing seriously.

My best rank so far was 2, currently 8 after about 20 wins, i am a casual player so will need a few days maybe a week to get to diamond.

I have some s rank players on the friend list, they haven’t got to diamond yet themselves…


I have noticed in my alt accounts that there have been some players returning after a month or two off (who have tons of ribbons and good decks) trying to push through Silver. Which is a little bit more difficult than it used to be with the general playerbase’s increasing skill levels and lack of any significant increase in the number of n00bs.


Matches have been pretty good was on a 6-7 gamewin streak had to concede a match my league game had started. Can’t wait for the new cards to come out.


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