Who would win a game of tag?

  • Wanderer
  • Frostiva
  • Serpenti
  • Ironcliffe
  • Sajj

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…only because you can’t escape from Mr. Cliffe







You forgot Lord Serpenti has the reaction speed to tag everyone nearby, plus he can look round corners with his long neck.


3 Silverguards and a pretty pissed off Lionrider Daddy.




Frostiva has a free no-tag… Once a turn!


What kind of sorcery is this?


Tier-0 Sorcery


Frostiva lives in a Force Field, that keep the exerior out, none can touch Frostiva ever, nobody can tag Frostiva in a game context (which is a subset of “ever”), Frostiva consequently can’t lose, therefore a game of tag can only be won by Frostiva.

Please don’t ask about if she plays against Saphire Seer.


sUNsTeEl dEfEnDeR?!?!1!1!


Too fat, can’t run that much


Kha can chase after anyone in an instant, no matter where they are.


Kha is that one kid that runs max speed into a wall, gets up and goes on again perfectly fine.


Excelcius also could work. He has a firm grasp, a fast skippy and knows how to use both hands. Both tools to catch people up and the much needed engines to bypass Frostiva’s jail escape ticket.


Perfect counter


Ash Mephyt uses his mates to make escape harder.


We all know you cant outrun Flicker, so Songhai generals just win


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