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I don,t think that the rules should be changed.In any kind of competition,its important to stick with what you have said to be the rules
Also that kind of final is kinda pointless given that its just the same guessing game with less people


Well, I’ll try my luck: 23!


I would say it’s just a game, I don’t care. We are still much less than 500 people participating and we only get one roll, so I don’t see the big deal. Probabilities are only significant on the long run…


Thank you Alplod!

I’ll give it a shot: 402

(I don’t think that number was previously mentionned)


389 :four_leaf_clover:
Did a search on it and it was not found


Guys, I added the poll to the original post about rule change. Though I personally think that rules should never be changed in the middle of a game I want to encourage everyone with a strong opinion on the topic to vote there.

I let the community decide.

@nwardezir, @terrarius , @oranos, @tsevech, @longshot405

@isbee, I want it to be as simple as possible.


Yeah, these rules also mean that people who post later in the contest have a big potential advantage over those who posted early. They can look at where there’s big gaps in the numbers and choose the number with the biggest space before the next guess.

For example, if only 400 and 450 are taken, choosing 449 gives you 1/500 chance to win, but choosing 401 gives you a 49/500 chance to win.

If you post early on you’re entirely at the mercy of other people’s choices to decide your odds, but if you post last you’ll have complete control over maximizing it.

It’s not exactly entirely fair. (Though of course I posted right at the start despite knowing this. :P)

Edit: What I’ve seen done on other forums for giveaways was to simply write down the names of everyone who wanted to enter, then have Random.org’s list randomizer put the list in random order, with the winner being the one at the top. It’s the most fair way I’ve seen.


I would not change the rules for the reasons above. Also, I can’t prove that the proposed change would actually ensure fairness, so I suspect there might be another flaw which will call for a further change.

By the way, we should check the math underlying this thread at some point in time :slight_smile:


Its not the most fair way to go about it, but it is what was given when people decided to enter. Changing the rules would also mean that everyone should be allowed to change their number since the current rules influence what numbers people picked. Personally, I’m not really bothered either way, but I prefer keeping the current rules since we are already a couple of days into it. The advantage of picking early is that you get the number you want, while picking late gives you a better chance to win.


I don’t think the proposed rule change would actually address the problem at all. People who posted later would still have an advantage, they’d just need to check for numbers in two directions instead of one.

If you actually wanted to give everyone an equal chance, either:

  1. Use the Random.org list method
  2. Get rid of the “closest wins” rule entirely, just rerolling until it picks someone’s number exactly. That means everyone has a 1/500 chance regardless of when they posted.


Lol…it’s turning out to be anything but simple…

It’s fine. I don’t take myself too seriously.


Unless there are 500 people it would be 1/(number of people) chance.


You’re right. Name checks out. :stuck_out_tongue:
The point is it’s the same odds for everyone, though.


Despite my lack of reading comprehension and the suggestion I made, I’m voting to keep the original rules. I’m not willing to lessen someone else’s chances of winning just because I wasn’t paying enough attention.

On a side note, you may want to drop everyone’s numbers in a table or spread sheet so you don’t have to scour the topic for the closest number when it comes up.


Thanks I-don’t-know-who for turning a simple random funny game into an endless boring debate …


youre welcome. im channelling the ghost of excogitator past


Oranos started this debate

wait… if im reading that right… if the rolled number is like 300 and one person picks 301 and the next nearest pick is 250 then the person who picked 250 would win?
and someone picked the number right above mine NotLikeThis

You all know what we must do



No worries, there’s a button on the side for that :wink:


I’m starting to feel like I’ve been buttoned…

I probably deserve it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



Sequential Even numbers ftw