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Who wants a Sarlac Prime skin?


Didn’t realize this was the Price is Right. Crap.


Yeah, guys. It’s necessary not to overshoot. I just made up the lottery’s algorithm in like 5 sec.

If you have better thoughts I’d like to know them for possible future times…in PM.


I guess it’s too late to change the rules though.


Right below. If you pick right above them, you have to be exactly right. If it’s above you, you lose, if it’s below you, they’re closer.


Nice catch! I was just discussing about fairness via PM :slight_smile:


You have it backwards. The rule is ‘closest without going over’. Player A picks 1, Player B picks 2. Unless a 1 is rolled, Player B is going to be exactly correct or below it. Player A can only win on a 1.


I wrote out a whole long response with a bunch of examples and yeah you’re right


Ok, guys, should I change the rules in the middle of game then? I could make a poll if it’s what you wish. Then we’ll check if majority wants rules to be changed.

What are your suggestions? Just the closest? Roll until someone wins EXACTLY?


Eh, closest is good enough. Lower number can be the tie breaker (if 100 is rolled and two people picked 99 and 101, 99 wins)?

Up to you.


The 4 closest should play a tournament. The winner gets the skin. It could be any kind of tournament really. Like rock paper scissors. Or tic tac toe. Or checkers. Or some other game. Idk.


Bah, too much effort.

  1. 4 is the only true number. Other numbers only pretend to be numbers, period.


And i thought you would say 6…


@discobot roll 1d500


Did you know that the maximum number of sides for a mathematically fair die is 120?

:game_die: 93


I choose 111


The only thing that should be done is not changing the rules after the game as started :wink:


7 :sirpenti: sjkh2rhnryhryhru5j6ru4rurjg0h


249 is taken. You gonna snipe that


I already have the skin, so I guess you could say I have no skin in this game…:upside_down_face:

It’s still just a random number. Changing the rule is not super unfair in my opinion. How about you pick 5 different numbers randomly @alplod, take the closest pick from each, and then have those 5 winners pick another number in a PM or something.
…or 10
…or 2
…or whatever.