Who is that poke-minion!


I realised this when I was logging into Duelyst Forums. Who is this minion? Will she come out in the next expansion? What is her stats and effects besides the obvious “Range”? Will she a new contender in the the new bae/waifu-laifu awards?Find out next time Dragon Ball Z.

EDIT: The mystery has been solved. I’m going to chug some bleach.


Rogue Warden.

I think.


Yup, Rogue Warden, 4 Mana, 5/3 Ranged. Used to be Lyonar, got converted to neutral.


pls nerf


So they just changed her hair to red… Supa sad now. Going na kill maself.


< Shhh, red hair is the best.


Well rogue warden is neutral, so I feel like she wouldn’t be in lyonar’s art. Maybe she dyed he hair when she became rogue, and the minion in the art is a unreleased lyonar ranged card with the word warden in it.


unfortunately, i’m pretty sure that’s not the case. if you look at the very first duelyst trailers you can see the lyonar player using a rogue warden like the one in the picture


Theory here.

Maybe in an unmentioned lore (that can be added after the fact that it was converted to Neutral)
she used to be called Suntide Warden and then she betrays Lyonar and went rogue, and so she’s called Rogue Warden now.

btw her attack animation is fantastic.


Unfortunately the real reason is much less exciting - originally Duelyst was supposed to be a completely different game with just two factions and fixed rosters. Back then Warden was a ranged unit for Lyonar.

Since then the game concept changed and the sprite got repurposed.

Also answers @gabriek 's question of what it is doing in the Lyonar artwork.

P.S. I might be wrong, this is obviously hearsay, but I believe one of the devs confirmed it.


So THAT’s why Songhai and Lyonar feel so completely opposite. Also explains that one time a guy said Duelyst was supposed to be a board game.


As far as I know it WAS originally a board game, as a prototype. And it was supposed to be sort of a skirmish wargame. At some point they decided to make it digital, then Eric Lang joined the team (that guy is a legendary board game desinger in case you do not know), and finally the game was transformed into its current CCG form.


That’s exactly what I was getting at :slight_smile: @largebanana


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